Monday, June 26, 2017


Are you looking for a way to celebrate the official start of summer?

Roses, thyme, lavender, and many more aromatic plants bloom during this time of year, giving us the gift of their most intense aromas. Midsummer is associated with fresh starts—the opportunity to revel in nature’s majestic scenes and set your sights on a new adventure. Many Pagan traditions associated this time around the summer solstice with the presence of wicked spirits. And to ward them off, they often sported crowns and garlands of herbs and flowers as safeguard.

In fact, before Judeo-Christian traditions rose to predominance, it’s believed that midsummer was the ideal time to engage in rituals that bring about transformation. If you’re looking for some midsummer magic— you can celebrate the solstice by honoring the sun using essential oils. 

The summer solstice, which usually occurs on June 21, is the longest day of the year in the northern hemisphere. With the North Pole tilted toward the sun, we enjoy a long day of sunlight. Appropriately, many summer solstice celebrations honor the sun and warmth of the season. The sun appears to stand still, prompting deep inner reflection. Some solstice-centric yoga and meditation gatherings practice numerous sun salutations (with 108 sun salutations being the magic number!). My go-to summer solstice ritual is creating an uplifting, energizing essential oil blend that also promotes tranquility and contemplation. 

How-To: Add 7 drops lime, 5 drops sweet orange, and 3 drops sweet basil into a glass roller bottle. Top off the synergy off with 10 ml of sunflower oil. Snap on roller ball cap and apply on pulse points when practicing yoga or meditation.

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