Saturday, June 24, 2017


It was not an easy decision what the best option the 1st upload of the blog would be.  In the end I thought that I'd better start by writing about what this blog is all about. Besides, I had to find a way to make you read the text on the side of the page... :) 
This is the blog of “Beyond Illusion Project”. “BIP” is a personal development program grounded in a model of transformative learning – a way of learning that challenges you to think differently about who you are and how you interpret the world.  It is ideal for anyone interested in: Modern science, physics, scientific paradigm shifts, personal development and transformation, and similar topics. 
“Beyond Illusion Project” is designed to bring about positive, permanent shifts in the quality of your life. These shifts are the direct cause for a new and unique kind of freedom and power – the freedom to be at ease and the power to be effective in the areas that matter most to you: the quality of your relationships, the confidence with which you live your life, your personal productivity, you experience of the difference you make, your enjoyment of life.

 I built “Beyond Illusion” Project for the dreamers, the visionaries, the revolutionaries and thirsty for knowledge individuals.  For the sort of person that has always known that there is a lot more than what we have been told there is, and we are a lot more than what we have been told we are.  The sort of person who knows that they are living in times of unprecedented transformation, and they want to be part of this transformation.  The person who knows they can only start from themselves.  The kind of person that will not rest until they have reached their goals and are living a life designed on purpose.  The real visionary at heart, the one that will do whatever it takes. Period. 

I pretty much built “Beyond Illusion” Project for me.Something that is not very well known in the education field is that we teach best what we need to learn ourselves.  And we become the best student of ourselves. That is because I’m asking the same questions you want to know as a traveler on the journey to self-discovery. I’m on the front-lines of everyday life facing the same battles you are. Who am I? What is my power? How can I change in a world that wants me weak and insignificant? How much can I do on my own? Why am I here? Is there more in this world than meets the eye? Are my life events a matter of fate or destiny? Is there free will after all? Can my short and insignificant life have an impact on the world? And so on…

“Beyond Illusion” Project is in many ways the end result of my own experience.  I got beyond my illusion of what this world is, who I am and what our human existence is all about.  So, in many ways “Beyond Illusion” Project is a reflection of my own thoughts and discoveries as a traveler on the journey to self-discovery.

It is my honour and pleasure to share my experience, knowledge and interests to all of you who choose to escape the illusion of their weakness and unimportance. It is my goal this blog to be an inspiration to you all... 

Love and Blessings


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