Thursday, July 6, 2017


One of life’s ironies is that the more you learn, the more you realize how much there is you don’t know.  As our knowledge expands, so does our awareness of the vastness and complexity of creation.  In a very real sense, knowledge begets awareness of our own ignorance.  

For the last 4 centuries we have trusted science as our most reliable provider for knowledge. The correct view of science is an instrument, intrinsically neither good nor bad.  Either praising it to the skies or damning it is as senseless as applauding or criticizing strength.  The strength of an arm can kill as well as save.  Scientists are no better or worse than other human beings in general.  Science does not produce wisdom.  While the insights of science can help us change our world, only human thought and concern can enlighten us about the path we should follow in life.  As a complement to science, therefore, we must also cultivate a “science of the mind”, or what we can call spirituality.  This spirituality is not a luxury but a necessity.

The main difference between the pursuit of knowledge in science versus the same pursuit in spirituality is their ultimate goals.  In spirituality, knowledge is acquired for therapeutic purposes.  The objective is to free ourselves from the suffering that is caused by our undue attachment to the apparent reality of the external world and by our servitude to our individual egos, which we imagine reside at the center of our being.

In the new science, awakening is understood to occur when an individual realizes the falsity of the ego identity and intuits that all is one consciousness and the apparent world is the play of the quantum self.
But there are levels of possible maturation within this realization: How completely does the realized person identify with the quantum self? Is all dualism between his or her will and God’s will gone? Do miracles happen around the enlightened person, signifying control over the theme realm? Does the enlightened person recall past lives? How oriented is he or she to appropriate action?

The new science helps us see that the nature of the ego’s separation from wholeness of the quantum self is conditioning and simple hierarchy.  Regarding the first, the job is to get over conditioning and into creativity and to establish a good balance between the two. Regarding the second, the job is to discover tangled hierarchy in relationships and then find a good balance.

What you learn from quantum physics, science within consciousness, and experimental metaphysics is now invaluable.  These systems of knowledge can give you faith in sudden discontinuous change.

So, there is a very exciting story about the scientific nature of spirituality.  And this becomes to me a very important topic.  Because this is a topic that will let you know that you are more than who you think you are.  That you are very powerful in your life and that you can use this information to bring health into your life, happiness into your life and actually live on this planet as if it’s Heaven on Earth.

By Kate Minogianni

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