Tuesday, July 18, 2017

The Need for a New Economics

“Old order changeth yielding place to new”, wrote the great romantic poet Robert Tennyson.  This part of the blog is about such a sea change – a paradigm shift – in economic thinking.  But relax! The quantum economics – you can call it also an economics of consciousness – that you are exploring here is not about a radical revolution in economic theory; instead, it is a natural evolution of capitalism that the great Adam Smith developed in the eighteenth century.  The extensions of Adam Smith’s ideas that have taken place since the inception of capitalism are either motivated by political agenda and belief, or more recently, by scientific dogma.  The extension considered here is based on a dogma-free aborning science founded on the quantum worldview and is demonstrably in right attunement with Smith’s original capitalism.  With its help we solve all the crisis problems that the current models cannot solve – boom and bust, especially bust, economic ballooning and subsequent meltdown, indefinite economic expansion, creation of meaningful jobs for human labor, keeping the market free, globalization, sustainability, income disparity between classes, and even poverty.

The message of the quantum worldview when applied to economics is simple: There is a new and right direction for our economics and our economy! We don’t have to be stuck in vain debates between unworkable alternatives based on faulty, elitist, and outdated worldviews.  Consequently, we should inspire and empower the business leaders, the job seekers, and the consumer, indeed all thinkers and movers and shakers of economics-related fields.

(Source: Amit Goswami, PhD, “Quantum Economics”)

(A reminder to our readers: Quantum Economics is a subject included in the subjects of “Beyond Illusion Project”. It concerns businesses, human resources agencies, educational organizations, retreats ets.  There will be available seminars/lectures on “Quantum Economics” soon).

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