Sunday, July 9, 2017


Today, do your best to not worry.... about ANYTHING.

Pretty difficult, right? Whether it's worrying about a meeting, a test, a friend, the weather, what someone is thinking about you- we all waste a lot of time and manpower on worrying about various things. Funny thing is, most of what we worry about, never happens! Also, no matter how much we worry, it's not going to change our situation!

I recently heard the saying, "Worrying is like praying for what we don't want." It is so true! Why spend all this time thinking of the worst possible scenario? Don't send all those thoughts or negative words out into the Universe! Focus on the good things you already have.

 Ultimately, worrying is proof that we aren't fully trusting in our Higher Power. If we were, we wouldn't spend hours thinking about the drama at work, or whether or not our car is going to be fixed. We are not in control of everything, AND-  worrying will not change our situation. We can only choose to change our thoughts. Choose your thoughts wisely today, and trust your Higher Power over worrying.

(A friend)

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