Saturday, July 1, 2017


"True contentment is looking at a plane and not wishing you were on it."

When I was very young, I would lay on the grass on my front lawn and stare up at the sky for hours, waiting for a plane to go by. I couldn't wait to see the small specks fly across the sky in every which direction. Each time they would come into view the first thing I would think is, I wish I was going where ever they are going. The thought of "going" always looked so promising.  

Growing up, that belief followed me. I was never content where I was, looking intently for the next best thing around every corner. Blooming where I was planted was not an option. Especially when things got really tough. I would run and run and run... until one day I realized that everywhere I went, there I was. What I was really running from all the time was the discontentment of my own heart. I was faced with the truth and became willing to let the healing begin. Today in my life I still enjoy looking up at the endless blue sky, and I even get a little excited when I see a plane fly by... but then I look down at my feet and I can say I am happy to have them on the ground.

A friend

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