Monday, August 7, 2017


When I was young, my parents would always tell me, "the world doesn't revolve around you!" or "you're not the center of the universe Rachel!" I don't think I fully grasped how naturally selfish I am until I joined my small group about a year ago.

We tend to think whatever's going on in our lives is the most important and compelling thing in the world. Being in community with others makes me realize that this is not the case. The people in this group are dealing with divorce, financial strife, childhood traumas, loss of loved ones, addiction, sick children, difficult jobs and major mental illnesses. In light of all these trials, I dare not interrupt to tell about the fight I had with my friend or my daily stressors while planning a wedding.

This isn't to say our problems don't matter, because they do! But getting outside of yourself for a while and realizing that others are going through difficult things gives me a whole new perspective. When I do share, I find myself being prayed for and cared for, and I want to give that care to others, so they know they are loved and not alone through their storms of life. I am a work in progress, but with the help of this group, I am slowly getting beyond myself.

I'm so grateful for this group of people who lovingly call each other out on character defects, pray for one another, celebrate in life's joys and comforts when one is mourning. I'm blessed to call these people my "home team" and to have help pulling my head out of my ass and into community with others. If you can relate, I urge you to join some sort of group. It will help you too!

(A friend)

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