Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Don't Believe Every Thing You Think!

"The best mind-altering drug is truth." -Lilly Tomlin

Has your world ever been shaken when someone told you the truth? It could be something as simple as being told that Santa isn't real. To a 1st grader, that information is earth-shaking. It could be the moment your spouse tells you he or she wants a divorce... even though you knew the marriage wasn't doing well, the outright truth shakes us in our very souls.

The same type of effect can happen when we recognize a truth that we hold deep within ourselves. These are called our core beliefs. These core beliefs are often subconscious, yet they shape our worldview and how we look at everything around us.

They are often flawed as well. Some examples of a core belief could be, I'm not worthy, or everybody leaves. The core belief affects how we interact with others and it's often about ourselves. The beliefs are developed throughout childhood and our experiences.

I remember when my therapist helped me realized what one of my core beliefs was. My eyes were opened to how much this "truth" was affecting me negatively. Once I was AWARE of my core truth (that was actually a lie), I began to recognize my thoughts that stemmed from this one flawed belief.

We encourage you today to be open to the truth today. It may be good, it may be painful, but everyone has their truth, and it's important to be owned and shared.

(A friend)

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