Friday, November 17, 2017

New Moon in Scorpio! Friday, November 17, 2017!

The Scorpio Moon continues to build toward the New Moon which is exact at 3:42am PST tomorrow.  Today we are in the Dark-of-the-Moon, where the soil is fertile for planting seeds of intention regarding the cycle to come.  If you are further east, you can handle this (if you choose to ritualize this New Moon) in the morning tomorrow when you start your day.  If you are in North America, however, you will want to attend to this at some point today.  The nature of Scorpio is death; the emphasis is on the shadow, the dark that holds the tension for the light to come in, and our willingness to truly surrender to the process of embodiment, so much so that we are willing to die to self, over and over again, in order to be embody a higher version of Self (notice the appearance of the capital S).  Embodiment means to be literally in a body, which is painful.  Also painful, is the need to bump up against our shadow, take a look at the horrors we see there, integrate the disowned aspect of Self, and move on, exhausted, but more integrated as a result.  This New Moon contains all of this, and then some.

The focus on shadow, death and purification should encourage you to include an intention to be willing to go to any length to create what you desire.  I am reminded of one of my favorite prayers that goes something like this: "I allow anything that needs to come up to be healed, to come up, so that I may transform my consciousness in order to create ____."  But be careful; do not say such a prayer unless you are really willing to do the work that will be required as we welcome the emergence of what comes out of the shadow.  Every prayer is answered, and sometimes that answered prayer comes in the form of the exact challenge that will assist you in facing what you have kept hidden for so long.

Today, the Sun and Uranus will face off in the 150-degree Inconjunct.  The Inconjunct is the fork in the road, where we make a slight adjustment now on our path that may actually take us to completely brand-new territory later.  Are you in the process of really changing your game plan for next year?  This is that moment of reckoning beyond which there will be no looking back.  As an example, after many years of traveling to do my work in other locations, I am focusing solely on some significant on-line curriculums that will launch next May.  This is a terrifying choice for me, bringing up all sorts of fears.

Of course, for the most part, I feel completely ready for this expansion.  But that readiness isn't interesting or important.  What IS important is that I stay attuned to the tiny small voice that comes up now and then that says, "Oh, people won't pay me THAT much for what I offer," or "I don't REALLY know how to structure a curriculum that can change people's lives in four months!"  I am 95% confident and guided by my soul's purpose.  But it is the 5% of fear that needs my attention right now.  This New Moon is perfect for such a seed planting moment, but please make sure you emphasize what has you feeling fear and hesitation.  And wrap that into your process with an unshakable willingness.  Uranus can change anything on a dime; be sure you are utilizing his lightning flash from the inside out, guided by your intentions instead of the other way around, where he can derail your life in an instant.

There are two beautiful Trines that are part of this New Moon, one between Venus and Neptune and the other between the Sun and Chiron.  Venus and Neptune are all about Love, the lower and higher octaves of this spiritual principle.  Venus allows us to give and receive Love at a personal level, and it is through Neptune that we receive the Love of the Divine.  When they are in a Trine with each other, which happens roughly twice a year (ish), our Heart Centers are thrown wide open.  There is no more loving an interaction in all of our solar system.

The Sun and Chiron in a Trine with each other is about awareness.  We must continue to go deeper into the experience of allowing a connection to global grief without being overwhelmed by it.  This is so important for how we will need to operate in the decade to come, and this New Moon moment is helping us open our Hearts wide (courtesy of Venus/Neptune) such that we might become more aware of just how we connect to our own pain, the personal pain of those we are intimate with, and the pain that the world is in.  This construct is how Peace for Humanity will be ushered into existence, so this new cycle is nothing short of being crucial to creating Peace on Earth.  How's THAT for a bit of pressure to do your highest consciousness version of life?  For once I get to say something completely over the top and not have to cry hyperbole.  It's getting real, folks.  I hope you are up to the task.

If you are struggling in any way right now, remember that your freedom from that struggle is not something that will occur by wishing for it, or riding out the intense transit.  Yes, the intensity will pass, Saturn will change signs, the personal planets will leave the signs of their detriment, but if you do not do the work to go into the depths of your shadow where fear, lack, separation, limitation, judgement and shame live, and do something to free yourselves of its grip, you will carry that mess into the next bunch of cycles.  And THAT is a very bad idea, because the world-gone-mad isn't getting any saner any time soon.

By Dr Michael Lennox

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