Sunday, December 3, 2017

Full Moon in Gemini! Sunday, December 3, 2017!

The Full Moon in Gemini is Sunday morning at 7:46am PST.   There is a very powerful Trine part of this lunation between Jupiter and Neptune, and that Trine is at the same degree point (11 degrees) that the Sun and the Moon are holding in Opposition.  This acts a bit like a lock, with four tumbler points being clicked by the key of our consciousness in this moment.  Conscious awareness (the Sun in Sagittarius), our unconscious mind (the Moon in Gemini), our experience of Abundance (Jupiter in Scorpio) and our connection to Spirit (Neptune in Pisces) are the pieces of the mechanism that this Full Moon unlocks.  It is a thing of beauty.  Of course, we must navigate all of the challenges of the moment to truly unlock all the potential that this Full Moon has to offer.

Much of the emphasis I make on Full Moons is in the release department, but there is one thing about this Full Moon that is very much about harvesting the benefit of the spiritual work we've been doing.  Jupiter and Neptune in a Trine is a very powerful interaction between the Great Expander and the Great Spirt.  Those monikers alone should tell you what is possible in this moment.  Jupiter in Scorpio helps us manifest our heart's desire, and Neptune in Pisces reminds us that everything we could ever want is part of the infinite field of possibility that we are already connected to.  This is one of the most feel-good, spiritual, meditative transits that astrology has to offer.

The big news, however, is that while the Full Moon in Gemini has been building, Mercury will go retrograde.  This is pretty significant, because of Mercury and Saturn's proximity to each other in Sagittarius. Well, that backward journey starts today, making the next 21 days crucial with regard to the lessons we've been learning for the past 2-1/2 years.  The fact that Gemini is one of the rulers of Mercury makes his turnaround a major event.  The solar system is truly lining up for us to have one of the most powerful passages of Saturn from one sign to another.  In Sagittarius, he was busy teaching us about being transparent and focusing on higher truth as our guiding principle.  He is about to return to his home sign of Capricorn, and this Full Moon and Mercury retrograde are his way of making sure that no stone is left unturned, no lesson not learned, and no truth not exposed to the light of day, in order to be healed and transformed.

Gemini is the third sign of the zodiac, the first air sign.  The twins of this archetype invented the mind.  This is where we began thinking, communicating, and most importantly, understanding that we always have a choice.  There is an angle in astrology known as the Inconjunct, the 150-degree fork in the road where we have the opportunity to choose differently in order to leave something behind and step into new territory in the future.  If it weren't for this mansion, we would have no capacity to consider both sides of any consideration.  This Full Moon is a celebration of all the choices we have made along the way that have lead us, inexorably, toward this moment.

There is no value in regretting the past, so use this celebration to lift up and honor the path you have taken, and the moment you currently find yourself in.  Now, one could be cynical and say that when we do this, we are justifying the past in order to feel better about what we have done.  If that is you, go right ahead, but that is not how I choose to live.  I choose - and you probably do too, or you would not be reading this - to recognize the incredible synchronicity that makes every moment and every choice absolutely PERFECT, even the ones that seemed like tragedy at the time.   The Trine between Jupiter and Neptune I described yesterday that is impeccably locked into this Full Moon, makes this a moment when leaning into the idea of the Divinely-guided, grand unfolding plan, very natural to our intellectual sensibilities.

Just make sure that the twin you are listening to today is the optimistic one!  I'm not entirely certain that this alignment is going to be all that easy for everyone.  Jupiter/Neptune Trines aside, there is the fact that the Sun is also in an exact Square to Neptune, as is the Moon.  In this way, Neptune is doing double duty; he is Trining Jupiter, the Great Expander, but splitting the Opposition that is the Full Moon into two equal Squares, the geometry of conflict and obstacle.  When Neptune brings his best, we are connected to Spirit with ease and grace.  When we are challenged by Neptune, his watery and foggy nature can cause us to feel confused, deluded, or fall prey to our escapist urges.  These impulses are absolutely built into the current landscape as well.

Do you see how elegant this is?  The Moon is in the archetype that allows us to consider two completely divergent considerations.  One twin is basking in the glow of Jupiter and Neptune in harmony.  The other one is complaining that the Sun and the Moon are both in loud arguments with Neptune, the Great Spirit.  Who are you going to listen to today?  To help guide you, the tool of writing will be your absolute best friend, as Gemini invented this form of expression.  Get out your journals and if you do nothing else, write as extensive a gratitude list as you can.  If you find yourself mired in some challenge, use the pen to work your way through it.  Help yourself pave the way for the Saturn shift up ahead to be as powerful for you as possible.

Dr. Michael Lennox

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