Sunday, December 17, 2017

New Moon in Sagittarius! Sunday December 17, 2017!

The New Moon in Sagittarius is exact tonight at 10:30pm PST, which means everyone east of the Rockies will be experiencing this, technically at any rate, in your Monday.  Those of you down under celebrate the exact moment of the Sun and Moon coming together at 5:30pm on your Monday.  We have all day today to prepare for powerful Sagittarian intention setting, so get out your pen and paper, make a fire, and get ready to signal to the Universe what you want to accomplish in 2018 and beyond.

Though December 31st may be when we typically prepare for the year to come, this New Moon is the true beginning of the next chapter.  Saturn, the Great Teacher, moves out of Sagittarius and into his home sign of Capricorn in two days.  Three days after that, we have the Winter Solstice where the Sun moves from Sagittarius into Capricorn.  To have a New Moon accompany two such significant gear shifts gives this moment an enormous amount of long-range influence, so do not miss this opportunity to lay the groundwork for the future you are creating with every breath you take.

This past spring, especially the month of June, featured a Grand Fire Trine that initiated an enormous amount of change and transformation for all of us.  At that time, the North Node, Uranus, and Saturn were holding this pattern in the cosmos that allowed each of them to be in full voice with each other.  Uranus in Aries demands that we wake up to higher levels of consciousness, even if that must come through frightening and abrupt changes.  Saturn in Sagittarius tells us that we must be responsible for creating a solid foundation on top of which we build our daily practice.  The North Node in Leo points us toward a future where Joy and creative expression are our birth right.

Consider this past year and how you may have had to field such rapid-paced shifts that demanded a greater sense of spiritual fitness in order to cultivate the life you desire.  I bring this up now, because Uranus and the North Node are participating in this New Moon, essentially triggering the pattern that generated so much change for us this past spring and summer.  We were well prepared, and this is the moment of reckoning.  Today's New Moon has built into it the power of Uranus to create sudden shifts of enormous change, and the North Node's capacity to direct us with great focus into the future we desire to create.

As the Moon builds toward the climax of the New Moon, she will Conjunct the other two players who are in Sagittarius right now; Venus and the retrograding Mercury.  Mercury is at 15 degrees, then Venus at 21, followed by the Sun and Moon at 26 and Saturn at 29.  That's an incredible stelium, or gathering of planets, all participating in this moment.  Truly, it's Saturn's party.  I invite you to think of this much more in terms of the planet that is known as the Great Teacher as giving his last lecture about the lessons we have been learning in the past 2-1/2 years.  Transparency, higher truth, speaking your truth no matter what, living through spiritual principles, the dissolution of denial, the potential for life to be filled with expansiveness and well-being despite the circumstances - all these are what we learn in Sagittarius.  Saturn is not only demanding that we know these things, but that we set the powerful intentions moving forward to live this way; to walk our talk without equivocation.

There is a subtle but very interesting aspect that is in the background to this New Moon, which is an Inconjunct (150-degree angle) between the asteroid Ceres and Pluto.  Ceres is the Goddess of grain, harvest and fertility.  Pluto is the Lord of the Underworld, capable of transforming anything, which he does through introducing us to what we have been hiding from in the Shadow.  The Inconjunct is the fork in the lane, where we are invited to leave something behind which is no longer serving us, and take a new direction.  This is often expressed as a small choice made now that can have long range implications of great change down the road.  I just LOVE this aspect being part of this opportunity to honor our preparation to evolve from Sagittarius to Capricorn.  How are you being fed, and what needs to be shifted so that you are nurturing yourself with a higher grade of choices?

Take time at some point today to write out your intentions for the new cycle and perhaps even the new year up ahead.  Saturn in Capricorn is going to ask us to get very busy creating the structures of a new world next year.  How do you want to be living in your authenticity?  What does it mean for you to be truly and fully embodied?  What higher truths do you have the desire - and now the readiness - to express in your day to day life?  What would your behavioral choices look like if you were living the highest version of your Self?  These are the questions to ponder as you approach this New Moon.  Be courageous and think big.  Saturn will absolutely reward and assist you if you have been doing the work.  And if you get tripped up and find that there is more work to be done, that's okay too.  We're all doing our best.

By Dr. Michael Lennox

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