Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Full Moon and Total Lunar Eclipse, January 31

The Total Lunar Eclipse in Leo is tomorrow at 5:26am PST. Eclipses are intensified expansions of the lunar cycle itself. A Lunar Eclipse is, in some ways, no different than any other Full Moon. They are an opportunity to harvest the benefit and release what no longer serves. And in case you don’t know what I mean by “harvest the benefit,” think of it as expressing gratitude for what you have already created in your life. And “releasing what no longer serves” refers to that endless (and sometimes relentless) process of changing the habits and patterns of your Kharmic blueprint that will keep you small if you don’t continue to let them go. I am speaking of things such as fear, the illusion of separation, self-doubt, self-consciousness, seeing yourself as a victim, being upset by world events - you get the picture. The eclipse energy accelerates what is possible in the expansion of your consciousness.

The Leo/Aquarius trajectory is an interesting one to be coming up right now, as it connects directly to the relationship between self-expression (Leo) and how that fits into the structure of what is good for humanity as a whole (Aquarius). Leo says, “find your true expression and do that in a big way.” Aquarius says, “find something and bring it to the community in service to all.” These may seem like separate ideas, but truly they are not.

We have reached a point in the development of humanity that is critical, and we must all find and deepen our commitment to do whatever we need to do to meet the demands of our soul’s calling. And yes, it can sometimes feel like an unyielding process as we face our demons over and over again, and then again, once more. Eclipses are extremely beneficial in this, for they propel us forward in our development like what happens when an interplanetary probe uses the gravitational pull of the Sun to propel itself out into deep space. The wormhole that we are about to enter will, if we let it, bring each of us, and Us as a collective, closer to our own embodiment of Self (Leo), so that we may serve the whole (Aquarius) more fully.

This eclipse has a lot of beautiful support from the planetary setup that is behind it. Firstly, the movement of Mercury over the past few weeks has set us up to be mindful of Saturn’s demands of us through his next 2-1/2 years in Capricorn. It is elegant that while the eclipse occurs tomorrow, Mercury will be at the final, and therefore, the mastery degree of this sign that invented the notion of reaching to higher vantage points of consciousness. Since the beginning of the year, Mercury has been interacting with every single other planet, covering the entire Capricorn mansion, where Saturn will be until the middle of 2020. As a result, we have all been bumping up against thought patterns that need to be discarded, and new paradigms that wish to be embodied. And with this eclipse, and our entrance into the two-week wormhole that follows, and Mercury leaving Capricorn, the process is officially over. We now have every bit of information that Saturn, the Great Teacher, wants us to have in order to fully embrace the upcoming storm. I trust you have been paying attention.

There are two very beautiful Conjunctions to this eclipse, one to the Sun and the other to the Moon. Venus and the Sun connect, bringing the power of Love to our conscious awareness of this moment. The Moon, and the activating element of any lunation, has Ceres, the dwarf planet named for the Goddess of Grain, Harvest, and Fertility in exact Conjunction with the degree point of the eclipse. Ceres is the body that carries with her the notion of how we are fed in a symbolic way. Leo, where she is right now, tells us that we are sustained by an exuberant level of self-expression. This IS the moment we’ve been preparing for; it’s not something that is coming in the future. We are helping the planet ascend, even though it may look like things are falling apart. We must all be doing our part to assist.

If you are inclined to ritualize this eclipse, remember the Leo mansion is all about joy and creative expression. In this way, there is almost nothing that is off limits as long as it feels fun, uplifting, and will not leave you battling the consequences tomorrow. Remember as well that the next two weeks are going to be particularly intense as we make our way through the wormhole that exists between eclipses (the partial lunar eclipse is on February 15th). Like any Full Moon, a moment of gratitude is imperative. And the second part always includes identifying what you are ready to release. The Sun is in Aquarius, an air sign, so it’s a good idea to write it all down. Put a BIG emphasis on what you are ready to release, because the deeper you go with that, the more prepared you will be for the intentions we set during that lunation in two weeks. They’re going to be important for the long haul.

Dr Michael Lennox

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