Monday, January 1, 2018

Full Moon in Cancer! Monday January 1, 2018!

The New Year starts with a Full Moon; a rare lining up of the lunar and the 365-day Gregorian calendar.  It also sets up January to have two Full Moons, or what we call a Blue Moon at the end of the month.  Known as the Wolf Moon, this particular lunation has symbolic connections to intuition, honoring of the pack mentality, and all the medicine associated with the wolf.  The fact that it is in the sign of Cancer, the Moon's ruler and the archetype of the family, home, and hearth, makes this a particularly strong moment to honor your feelings, your own personal needs above all else, self-care as a part of your spiritual practice, and an inner preparation for a mighty trek to come in the outside world.  The Hero must train and make ready for a profound experience that is a complete mystery, where he or she finds a great gift.

I consider this auspicious Full Moon to be a major moment of initiation.  Think of you as the Hero, the journey is the future, and the gift you bring back to the community is how you are here to serve.  The world needs every single one of us, our vibrations raised to the highest capacity we are capable of embodying, and sharing our gifts and talents more than ever.  For some, it may be what you do for a living.  For most, however, it may be what you bring to your surroundings when you walk around the landscape that surrounds you, or even the energy you contribute to the line at Starbucks.  Be careful of the question, "What am I supposed to be doing with my life?"  It is a trick question.  You are already doing it.

Another thing to be aware of during any Cancer Full Moon is your relationship to the Victim.  Life is hard.  People are struggling.  Circumstances can be brutal.  But your relationship to those difficulties is everything.  Cancer has a shadow of victim mentality built into it, and this is a moment designed to release another layer of that, if you are willing.  All Full Moons are about release, but this one is set up with a bunch of patterns that allow us to profoundly delve into our past and soar into the future at the very same time.  When we declare that we are willing to transform our lives, the shift can be instantaneous and miraculous.  Not because circumstances change on a dime; that's the movie version of a miracle.  The miracle is in changing how you perceive the things that your life is asking of you to face with courage.

There are two planetary participants in today's Full Moon.  For one, Neptune is in a Trine with the Moon; an exact Trine at that.  This puts Neptune and the Sun in a Sextile with each other, which is a tremendous boon to us.  Neptune is our connection to our spiritual nature, but that part of our consciousness can be difficult to tangibly hold close, because of its ephemeral makeup.  The Sun, when in contact with Neptune, is capable of burning away the clouds and fog of confusion that Neptune also brings.  But if the geometry is challenging, that process can be even more confounding.  The Sextile is the perfect interaction between Spirit and our Conscious Awareness.  This Full Moon is deeply spiritual, and profoundly connected to Unity Consciousness, but in a very accessible way.

Another pattern in the cosmos is a T-Square from Mars to the Nodes of the Moon.   Mars engenders the actions we take, the choices we make, and our actual bodies moving through time and space.  When this planet is Squaring both the South and the North Nodes at exactly the same time, we are simultaneously challenging ourselves to move forward (Square to North Node), while also attending to the lessons of the past (Square to South Node).  This is a powerful transit in and of itself, but even more significant that is it happening both on New Year's Day and as part of a Full Moon.   Mars is on his way to a Conjunction with Jupiter, the Great Expander, which happens in five days, during a very important stretch between now and the next New Moon.  But today's emphasis is very much about recognizing where you have come from, and where you are going.  Now, if that's not perfect for New Year's Day, I don't know what is.

It gets better.  If you put these patterns together, the apex of the T-Square, Mars, connects to the Full Moon and the Sextile with Neptune to create a Kite Formation.  Kites fly...and the way all of these planets coming together, along with the Full Moon, creating the momentum of a Kite, signifies the entry to a year that is just what we need.  As much as I want every one of you to feel hopeful at this, please understand that if you think the madness of the world is going away, you're reading the wrong column.  The world is in trouble and nothing is getting better any time soon.  We are not here to fantasize that somehow, magically, the things that trouble us about the state of affairs get suddenly better.  What we are here to do is change perceptions, bring Love when the temptation to bring separation and blame is strong, and see Peace, even if that Peace only exists right now as something that occurs between bullets flying.  It is there, even though it is hard to see, none the less.  Are you with me?
Dr Michael Lennox

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