Tuesday, January 16, 2018

New Moon in Capricorn! Tuesday January 16, 2018!

The first New Moon of 2018 is exact tonight at 6:17pm PST.  It's in the sign of Capricorn, where there is still an enormous stelium (gathering) of planets.  If you tuned into any of my astrological overviews for 2018, then you know that the Capricorn mansion is where the big news is for the next few years.  Saturn, the Great Teacher, is in his home turf of Capricorn, and in 2020, he will meet up with Pluto, the Lord of the Underworld and spend that entire year dancing in this sign, destroying old structures right and left.  You think things in the world have gone mad now, just wait a few years as they continue to escalate? This New Moon has the power to initiate you into the elevated consciousness capable of not only navigating this potentially frightening territory, it will help you find your true Dharma - the quality that you are responsible for bringing into the world in order to assist the mighty Ascension that is happening at this time.  Yes, it's that important.

Capricorn is all about creating long term goals; intentions that require a journey to unfold properly.  Built into this is patience and foresight; this is the power of this particular archetype.  And this moment has a lot of additional energy built into it with a whole slew of planets in this sign.  Saturn is here, of course, bringing a sense of structure and responsibility to create the future you desire.  Mercury is in the house, and with his participation in this New Moon, every move he makes for the rest of the year will have the intentions you sent now built into his voice.  And the biggest blessing of all, Venus is right next to the New Moon, separated by only one degree.  We are being led by the Heart, and when we feel into the manifestation process, it has much more efficacy to manifest into form.  But perhaps the big story is the Sextile between Pluto in Capricorn and Jupiter that is part of this New Moon moment.

One of the hallmarks of Jupiter's traversing of the sign of Scorpio this year will be the Sextile with Pluto that the Great Expander will make three times between now and September.  As Jupiter teaches us how to embrace a life filled with true Abundance, we will need some tools along the way to effectively create the prosperity and good fortune that it is his great delight to provide us with.  Pluto offers the opportunity to purify, and change anything that inhibits our capacity to expand.

This New Moon features the first of the three passes of a Sextile that Jupiter will make with Pluto.  Once Jupiter goes retrograde, they will meet up this way again in April.  A third iteration of this transit will happen in September, and when it is complete, if we have picked up the tools to do the work to create more of anything in our lives, nothing will be the same.  This is one of the reasons why it's so important to have a daily spiritual practice and to be working at elevating your consciousness at this time.  This transit is wildly expansive, but it is generated by a geometry that will pass you right by if you are not actively working with it.

New Moons bring new cycles.  Capricorn invented the notion of having goals.  The presence of this Jupiter/Pluto Sextile inside the energy of this next New Moon bodes well for anything you are looking to expand this coming year, from new business ideas, to just increasing your consciousness through spiritual practice.  Because this Pluto/Jupiter Sextile repeats all year, the intentions set now will be woven through the many months to come.  Thing big, and think long term.

There is another set of planetary transits created by Mars that is adding to the power of the day.  A Trine between Mars in Scorpio and Chiron in Pisces brings a flood of healing energy to everything you focus on right now.  Mars governs the choices we make and how we are embodying our consciousness in any given moment.  That energy infused with a wave of Chiron's capacity to turn any wounded experience into one of mastery is a great boon to this New Moon.  At the same time, Mars is also forming the Inconjunct, or Great Eliminator angle with Uranus.  Sudden changes in destiny are possible with this setup.

And though this isn't geometrically connected to today's lunation, also exact today is a Conjunction between the North Node and the asteroid Ceres.  The North Node is all about time, the future, and our movement into it.  It is a little like a way pointer into the life we are creating day by day.  Ceres is the Goddess of grain, harvest and fertility.  The coming together of these two points at the same time as the New Moon is hopeful and optimistic.  Intentions set now have this sense of a future where we can feel bountiful and fed by the life we are creating.  Don't be held back by any sense of unworthiness or feeling like the desires you have are bigger than your capacity to generate.  The activity of Mars in tandem with Venus, and what Ceres and the North Node are doing, make this a miracle-making New Moon.  All of this in perfect timing to lead us to the Full Moon in two weeks that is both a Blue Moon and a total Lunar Eclipse.  We are up to big things this year, so come along for the ride with all your dreams in tow.

 Dr Michael Lennox

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