Wednesday, February 21, 2018

The Moon in Aquarius – A Step in the Right Direction (Part B)

The Moon’s Message

You do not need to figure out the way. You do not need to worry about how the future will unfold and what you need to do to be aligned with your path. You are not separate from your destiny… you are it! Your purpose is not to be found outside of you, you are always becoming what you are, as your life unfolds your story and experience is your destiny. Your truth is your path.

When we feel anxious or unsure about the future, or about the next step, it is only because we are in a point in time before clarity and direction has become clear to us. But if we recognise ourselves to be in that moment before clarity, we are able to relax and watch as that clarity arrives and the next step reveals itself to us. We are invited to trust the process, to relax our minds and surrender to the process. The moment before clarity of direction is a natural part of the cycle of becoming, and as we exist in time, we must live through that part of the cycle in order to reach the next. And then we will see, it will arrive just as naturally as the springtime naturally follows winter.

In that moment before clarity, resist the temptation to hang onto the known or to make hasty decisions for the future that is still unfolding before us. It is not easy for the mind to accept the unknown, since it likes the security and stability of knowing what is to come. But in times of natural upheaval and change, we can only find security within ourselves. We find it in the our trust in ourselves and our hearts to guide us, as well as our trust in the process and the natural arrangement that connects us all in this web of life. Everything and everyone is in its place, and all is unfolding perfectly in synchronicity with the totality.

We feel the most apprehensive right before clarity and definition is revealed because we can feel the movement and change stirring within us. We can feel the currents of change as they begin to work around us. Change is here! The seeds of springtime are waiting to break through the winter soil and then you will be able to see what it is that has been brewing beneath the surface in the darkness of winter. If you can resist the impulse to ease the uncertainty by making mental decisions, you will see how your purpose and direction is being laid out for you. This way, you can know that your destiny is seeking you and you do not need to get lost searching for it.

Take a leap of faith – out of the known and into your heart, where you no longer need to find the way, you become the way.

Simon & Jennifer

By Simon Vorster & Jennifer Langstone

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