Thursday, February 15, 2018

Thursday February 15, 2018! New Moon, partial solar Eclipse in Aquarius.

One of my clients reached out to me yesterday to ask when was the better time to do an intention setting ritual, and what was the best form. I replied that there was no such thing as one day better than another, or one form that is more powerful. Truly, you can not miss what is happening in the cosmos, and if you are living your life in a "dialed in" fashion, the day before the eclipse is no different than the day after. I get asked this question, or questions like it, often. The fearful parts of us think that there is a right way when there is almost always no such thing. The Sun and the Moon do their thing, and this impacts us no matter where we are, what we are doing, or how we are relating to it. This is not a train, and you can't miss it by being late to the station.

There are two very powerful planetary patterns that are participating in this eclipse and one of them involves Uranus. This is significant because Uranus rules Aquarius, the sign that the Sun and the Moon are in. Uranus and Mercury are in a Sextile, which means our thoughts and words - and therefore any intentions we set - are receiving the flash of lighting and inspiration that Uranus brings to the table. What we can imagine now has the power to illuminate our experience, now and in the future. Anything we declare under this influence can have lasting impact because of this transit.

The other pattern that is unfolding today is a Finger of God; a long narrow triangle that is like a navigation technology. A Finger of God points us in a new direction by allowing us to make a small change now that has great influence in the future; like setting an intention that winds up carrying itself, and us along with it, into the future that helps us embody it. At the front end - the pointy end - of this navigational tool is the North Node and Ceres. The North Node is literally the point that holds the future and time itself as we move into it. Ceres is the Goddess of grain, harvest, fertility and bounty. She carries how we feel fed by the life we are living. There has never been a better time to fold your desires of how you want your life to sustain and nurture you into the intentions you set.

On the blunt end of the triangle, we have the entire spectrum of Love helping us out. Venus rules personal love and the transpersonal experience of Love with a capital L is Neptune. These two are getting very close to Conjuncting in the next week, and they are holding up their end of this geometry reminding us that Love is all there is, and that Love, and our capacity to receive it, is propelling us forward.   On the other side of Saturn in Capricorn, helping us dismantle the old structures that won't support what we are creating, and offering the responsibility and steadfastness to build the new ones we so need.

It's a powerful eclipse and these last two weeks of the wormhole have been extraordinary. Hopefully you don't have too many bruises from the bumps in the road, but things should calm down by this weekend. Meanwhile, take some time today, if you haven't already done so, and write or speak your long-range intentions to the Universe. Think big, and remember that what you do must also impact the world at large. If you haven't seen my Facebook Live or Instagram Live video, I really encourage you to log on to either of those platforms and watch it.
By Dr. Michael Lennox

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