Saturday, March 31, 2018

Full Moon in Libra! Saturday March 31, 2018!

The Full Moon at 10 degrees of Libra was this morning at 5:36am PDT. The Libra Full Moon is one where the focus is on relationships, balance and harmony, and all the ways that we move about our lives recognizing that everything is a mirror. The first six signs of the zodiac are where we invented consciousness emerging (Aries) and finally get into a body (Virgo). Once we get to the second six, we are expressing how we move about in a world with others. Libra, the first of these signs, is where we recognize that everything we are experiencing inside this body that Virgo invented, knows who/what/where it is by virtue of how the world reflects consciousness back to us.

When this goes well, we take radical responsibility for everything we are experiencing, even when it appears that someone or something outside of us is the cause of our feelings. Push this too far, and we take responsibility for things that we ought not. Working with the mirror is not to be a doormat, or to keep peace with others at all costs. Radical responsibility doesn't mean you don't get to be angry or legitimately challenged when others make choices that impact us. Radical responsibility simply means that we don't stay in blame, victimhood, or rage at the situations and relationships that aren't lifting us up. We correct them, if we can, or we move on with as much love as we can muster.

I say all of this because the Full Moon is where we celebrate our victories and identify what still needs to be released and let go of. This lunation happens relatively early in Libra, 10 degrees, so we have a long reverberation in store as the Moon begins to wane. She will stay in Libra for another full two days before moving into Scorpio. As such, the power to release will be active essentially all weekend long. And by now, we should be very aware of patterns and beliefs that still have a hold on us around the giving and receiving of Love. After all, Venus, who rules this Full Moon, has been in the uncomfortable territory of Aries for the past few weeks, showing us all VERY clearly where Love isn't. She leaves Aries for her other ruling sign, Taurus, just hours before this Full Moon perfects this morning. You couldn't ask for a more, well, loving Full Moon, even if there's still effort being demanded of us to grow right now.

I read an email from a client just before writing this; she told me that she's definitely struggling, but when she hears my voice reminder her that Love is all there is, she feels some relief. I love how this proves how the mechanism works, even if the relief is only minimal at certain moments of great stress. Everything you imagine is troublesome to you - EVERYTHING - is a reflection of your consciousness. It's a bitch, ain't it? All those platitudes about life and embodiment being an illusion are actually true, or something like true. True enough to merit coming back to this principle over and over again, to find the willingness inside of us to practice radical responsibility for everything we encounter. And when we want something different, we make the change inside ourselves first, and most importantly, DO NOT JUDGE the way it unfolds.

Tomorrow, Mercury and the Sun come together at the exact midpoint of the Mercury retrograde cycle. You really can't make this stuff up. This lunar cycle of off the chain. And it's all about Mind/Heart congruency, which is something that is very much in the Libra domain. Ruled by Venus, Libra is all about the Heart. But it's an air sign, so it naturally connects to the Mind. And just as our conscious awareness and unconscious mind are doing their monthly dance of full expression, Mercury is participating in this exactly by offering up his "aha moment" at this Conjunction with the Sun. Tomorrow is the crucial day of this cycle, and always happens exactly halfway between Mercury turning around and when he stops 22 days later. It offers us the theme, or the nugget; some awareness is possible right now of exactly what each of us is up to. Full Moons offer this, Trines between Mercury and the North Node offer this, and Mercury Conjunct the Sun during a retrograde offer this. What a blessing to have all three of these transits hitting us at once.

We are in a process, so remember that if you feel like you're being flung about. That being said, there is important information being made available to us in this few days of astrological traffic. Make sure you are doing what you need to do to be still enough to hear/see/feel the messages that are coming at you from every direction. Don't worry about making sense of any of it right now if that is not organically occurring. There will be plenty of natural opportunity to digest, recalibrate and understanding to emerge in the weeks just up ahead.

By Dr. Michael Lennox

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