Saturday, March 10, 2018

The Life-Changing Cosmology

"Even as a kid I would think about existential questions – "What's the meaning of my life?", "Does the universe have an end?", "Is there a higher intelligence?", "Is there life after death?" etc. I was especially confused about the question "What is the meaning of all the suffering in the world?" Why was I so privileged when other people's lives could be marked by deep tragedy?" - Gunnar Fernland
This is a film, based upon the writings and insight of Danish philosopher and mystic, Martin Thomson (11 August 1890 - 8th March 1981) who is referred to as Martinus.
Born into a poor family and with a limited education, Martinus claimed to have had a profound spiritual experience in March 1921. This experience which he called "cosmic consciousness", would be the inspiration later for the books he wrote. Creator of this film, Gunnar Fernland,  leads the viewer on a poetic and challenging journey in what he refers to as the most positive and comprehensive world view there is.

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