Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Full Moon in Sagittarius! Tuesday May 29, 2018!

We are in the Sagittarius Full Moon, which is exact this morning at 7:19am PDT. The Sun is in Gemini and so the Moon is in the sign opposing, which is the inventor of higher truth, Sagittarius. The Sun is also participating in what is known as a Finger of God, which is a powerful navigational tool pointing us in new directions. In the background is a Grand Water Trine with Jupiter, Neptune and Venus. We are making tremendous and important choices about where we are, what we want to create for ourselves, and what we have to drop along the way to accommodate the alteration in our course that circumstances and other changes we have been through demand from us.

Let's start with the Inconjunct or Great Eliminator angle between Saturn the Great Teacher, and the North Node which is the point that shows us how to move into the future. Between now and through the next five months, we are all being asked to move through an enormous gear shift. Asked? Well, maybe asked isn't the right word because it is Saturn doing the asking, so that ask may be a bit more a demand. The North Node is the point that represents the direction that the Planetary Being is moving in. By virtue of being in the sign of Leo, this is all about personal self-expression. Knowing who you are, how you are to serve, and stepping into a level of sovereignty over your life so that your sense of identity and purpose is absolutely undeniable. The Saturn piece of this pattern says to us, "And now, go do that!"

Inconjuncts - 150-degree angles - fascinate me. Think of the vectors that a ship will traverse in order to get from point A to point B. It does not proceed in a straight line, but rather it will crisscross back and forth, making an angular adjustment as it goes. How else will the sail be able to regulate itself in order to continually catch the wind that blows the vessel from where it is to where it wishes to land? Now imagine that you are the consciousness of the ship itself; every time you come about to shift vectors of trajectory, it often feels like we have to leave something behind. But truly, we are just making adjustments that are necessary to move forward.

Throw in a second Inconjunct, and now we have a Finger of God, or a Finger of Fate emerging, where a) the choices we make now have far more long-reaching impact, and b) some of the shift in direction is going to feel like it comes from a sense of divine intervention, or unstoppable outside momentum, as opposed to just from our own free will. The second one is between the Sun and Saturn, so we are being made consciously aware (the Sun) of exactly what we need to do in order to meet the demands and responsibilities (Saturn) that we must step up to.

When you put all of the angles that are participating in today's lunation together, you see that a stunning pattern has formed. The Finger of God with the Sun, Saturn and the North Node fits perfectly inside of a shape that is being held by the Sun and the North Node on the one side, with the Full Moon and the South Node on the other. That shape is known as a Mystic Rectangle, and the Finger of God is inside it, like a present from the Universe delivered right to your door (check out my Facebook post to see a graphic image of this). It really is a mystical moment, where the power of God (or whatever word for divine inspiration that you prefer) is available for our benefit when facing the difficulties of navigating the complexities of the world around us, while staying true to our desires and the pursuit of our personal vision of self-expression.

Jupiter rules this Full Moon, because Sagittarius is his home sign, so this beautiful, loving and healing Trine is lifted up into even more prominence as a result. Alongside of this Mystic Rectangle/Finger of God, is a Grand Water Trine formed by Jupiter and Neptune with Venus swiping through this week connecting to each of these bigger players from her place in Cancer right now, where Love and Self-Care are synonymous. Expansion (Jupiter), Spirit (Neptune) and Love (Venus) are in complete harmony with each other. Venus, acting as our personal connection to Love, will be triggering the dynamic from Jupiter and Neptune all week as this Full Moon begins to wane.

Since Sagittarius is a fire sign, get those candles, fire pits, bonfires out and ready. Write out anything and everything you feel done with and burn it away. And if you find yourself saying, "Wait, I've done this so many times in the past. I don't think this ritual thing works," write THAT down and burn it. It's not magic. You won't wake up on Wednesday as another person. Patterns and habits of thought are deeply embedded neural pathways in your brain that need tremendous amount of attention to dismantle, discard and remove. And then of course, there is the arduous task of replacing old beliefs with new ones. This must be attended to with herculean strength and unending relentlessness. But without a doubt, this portal we are in now is as strong as any of the past decade or so. Make it count.

By Dr Michael Lennox

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