Monday, May 14, 2018

New Moon in Taurus! Tuesday May 15

The New Moon in Taurus is exact in the wee hours tomorrow morning, at 4:47am PDT, and so today is the true Dark-of-the-Moon day of setting intentions and planting seeds for our future. However, this really isn't the big news of the moment; it's the fact that Uranus, the Great Awakener, is changing signs today and moving out of Aries where he has been for the past eight years, and into Taurus. For the next eight years, our capacity to wake up to higher levels of consciousness will be felt through this earth sign that rules the land of form. Uranus changing signs signals a moment of tremendous shift on the planet and it is hard to know what Uranus in Taurus is going to feel like. The last time he entered this sign, Hitler was put into power, Stalin and Mao amped up their agenda as well. At the same time, the depression in the United States began to finally turn around. The earthly form of things changed quite dramatically, and such things are likely to happen for us.

When Uranus entered Aries, the Fukushima tragedy occurred the very day he changed signs. On the other side of the continuum, this time also saw the beginning of the Arab Spring, and democratization in Burma. DO NOT GET CAUGHT UP IN WORRYING ABOUT WHAT WILL OCCUR. All of these things are, ultimately, irrelevant, and the only thing you should be considering about Uranus moving into Taurus is how you can take advantage of such a shift and allow your own awakening to deepen into your experience of your world in a very tangible and grounded way, for that's what Taurus is all about. I know it may not be fair of me to mention all of these outside world events and then ask you to release any of your attachment to what the future may bring, but that's really how challenging it is. Be in the world, and not of it, is the trope. But it's a good trope and one that will be helpful to us in order to guide ourselves through the next decade or so.

The auspiciousness of the synchronicity of the New Moon being just hours away from the Uranus ingress into Taurus is just beyond measure. The power of Uranus to raise the vibration of any moment with a huge flash of lightning cannot be underestimated. If this planet, the Great Awakener, can really instigate a paradigm shift of higher consciousness, let this moment impact you at that level. Who would you be in the world, or better yet, who do you have to become in the world in order to receive the greatness of your vision?

The lead up to this lunation has been filled with all sorts of challenging planetary activity that has made the past four or five days somewhat bumpy to say the least. Mercury, in particular, has been very busy with a Square to Mars (and other aspects), which generated some conflicts and challenges with moving forward, where the walk (Mars) and the talk (Mercury) are going in completely different directions. Combine this with a Conjunction between Mercury and Uranus yesterday, which is designed to propel us forward like a slingshot, whether we feel ready or not. But here's the clincher, it is Mercury that's been so active leading up to tomorrow's New Moon, so it's all in the mind. I am fond of saying, "The mind sees far, but is always wrong." So, if this is true, how do we set intentions that will truly take advantage of this important New Moon in the sign that invented form and the Earth herself?

I will do my best to answer this in a manner appropriate to the geometry we are swimming in right now. Let's describe the disconcerted way Saturn and Venus are participating in this New Moon to give us a bit more context. The Sun and Saturn are in the agitated Sesqui-Square, that 135-degree angle that tells us that something is not quite in alignment. Venus is creating the same geometry with the North Node, so once again, we have some drag on the system where the Heart (Venus) is not quite ready to step into the Vision that guides our lives (the North Node). And yet, the cannonball is being shot out of the cannon with Uranus participating in this New Moon intention setting moment. Of course, Mars is in his retrograde shadow (he will go retrograde in late June), so everything we are up to is subject to delay, or at the very least a sort of layered manifestation; moving forward a little at a time.

This moment is best met by trusting Spirit to guide your vision, instead of your mind (notice the small m). It is interesting to me that at the kernel of this lunation is a level of propulsion into the future that is unmistakable, and yet all around us is a traffic jam of contradiction, obstacles, ego-mind objection, and all sorts of ways we might interfere with knowing just how magnificent we are. Taurus invented the Earth herself, and so this New Moon is quite direct in terms of manifesting ideas into form. There is so much future process built into the intentions you set in this New Moon, so don't be afraid to be long-range. Besides Mars in his upcoming retrograde, Uranus is going to return and do this entire exit of Aries entre to Taurus dance next winter. And Uranus embodies the true reversal, sudden changes and expect the unexpected energy, and THAT is built into the seeds planted now. Make them count.

By Dr. Michael Lennox

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