Saturday, June 23, 2018

Bountiful, Beautiful, Blissful Practices for Fertility

When you opening yourself up to receive the blessings of carrying another Soul within your body, there are many resources that might help you find Kundalini Yoga answers to questions of conception, carrying a baby to term, and the birth itself.

And yes! There is a mantra to help you with conception! It is a powerful mantra that is best practiced in tandem with your partner. Sit back to back in ease pose with your hands in Gyan Mudra and practice Kirtan Kriya with the mantra Sa Ta Na Ma . This mantra connects you to the cycle of life, encouraging the birth cycle to enter. It is said to create a destiny for someone who does not have one and connects one to the continuous cycle of creation.
If you are familiar with Kirtan Kriya, you’re set!  Just do it as a team, spine to spine. If not, here is a description.

Posture: Sit straight in easy pose or on a chair. Meditate at the brow point (third eye) and recite these primal sounds:

Sa Ta Na Ma
On “Sa,” touch the first finger (Jupiter) with the thumb tip.
On “Ta,” touch the middle finger (Saturn) with the thumb tip.
On “Na,” touch the ring finger (Sun) with the thumb tip.
On “Ma,” touch the pinky (Mercury) with the thumb tip
For 31 minutes, chant Sa Ta Na Ma.
For the first five minutes, chant “Sa Ta Na Ma” loudly. Then chant “Sa Ta Na Ma” in a whisper for another five minutes.  Then meditate repeating the words silently within your mind for eleven minutes.  For the following five minutes, whisper “Sa Ta Na Ma” again. And for the last five minutes, chant “Sa Ta Na Ma” loudly.

Eyes: Closed
Although Kirtan Kriya can be practiced for shorter or longer times, fort fertility purposes, I recommend practicing back-to-back with your partner for 31 minutes.

Blessings to you and your partner.

Sat Nam!

Ramdesh Kaur

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