Monday, February 4, 2019

New Moon in Aquarius! Monday February 4, 2019!


Think on this word. What does freedom mean to you? What would your life include, bring to you, leave from you, change for you, if you lived every moment through this principle. This is what the current New Moon is all about. The timing of the lunation is exact today at 1:03pm PST, so in the peak of your evening overseas, and just as the day is getting started on Tuesday for those of you down under. Aquarius is an air sign, so if you wish to ritualize this moment, do not leave the mind out. This is one New Moon where you want to write your intentions out.

We are in the Aquarius mansion, ruled by Uranus, the Great Awakener who communicates through lighting flashes. The Aquarius archetype is all about unique self-expression, even if that has to be at the level of rebelliousness. Use this lunation to set intentions that hold nothing back. The story of Aquarius is inspiring. He knew something was missing, but not what it was. He went on a hero's journey and brought water back to the community, which of course, generated life. In this way, the intentions we set right now should align with what we intuitively feel is necessary to serve the community. The world is in chaos right now, so if you're not contributing, you are part of the decline. This New Moon is a moment for all of us to know who we are in all our original glory, but most importantly, how we are to serve.

For so many people the month of January seemed endless, and filled with a plethora of complications that reflected directly in the astrology of the past few weeks. Most of the traffic associated with this New Moon happened on the front end, with very little on the other side. I am referring to the fact that all of the personal planets have been engaged in multiple fast-moving transits over the past two weeks. We have been put through many different small changes and gear shifts preparing us for this moment in a way that each of us (courtesy of personal planet activity) experienced in very personal way, each based on where we are at in our journey. Then the New Moon hits mid-day here in the west, and the planets are quiet for three days; plenty of time for the trajectory of new intentions to fly as far forward as the lighting flash of the Uranus-ruled lunar cycle gets going.

All planets are direct right now, so there is no drag on the system. And the Uranus/Aquarius energy is capable of producing miracles and experiences that defy any possible limited expectancy we might bring to the picture. Of course, the Great Awakener might wake one person up by winning them the lottery, whereas the next individual loses everything in a fire. Both experiences are capable of generating a paradigm shift to a higher level of consciousness. If that idea frightens you, then you have more work to do about surrendering to the ride of life. It is Aquarius that invented the notion of being led by intuition. But remember, that intuition was activated because Aquarius was built for service to humanity.

The time between eclipses is known as a wormhole, because we can be pulled from one area of consciousness to a completely different one in the space of just a few weeks. Though I define the wormhole as the time between eclipses, some astrologers define it as extending through the next lunar cycle. No matter how one defines a wormhole, it is officially over from all perspectives. And if you feel like the first month of the year was one of the strangest passages you moved through, you are not alone. We have all been through a rather daunting and individually crafted preparation and orientation for what comes next. And the rest of the year is certainly going to continue to feel like we are moving, but not always be clear as to where we are going, or exactly how we're going to get there. Flying blind is the phrase I keep using. I would retire it, except that every time I describe to someone the current landscape in those terms, I get acknowledgement that people identify that as exactly how they are feeling. Aquarius certainly didn't know where he was going - or what he was looking for, for that matter - when he went on his quest. You actually don't have to know where you are going. Your Soul and your Body know. Just follow them.

By Dr Michael Lennox

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