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“Beyond Illusion Project”

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The Program

     Knowing or feeling that we are all connected to each other and to the cosmos by more than our eyes and ears is not a new notion but one as old as humanity. Mystics, and sages have long maintained that there exists an interconnecting cosmic field at the roots of reality that conserves and conveys information, a field known as the Akashic record. Traditional indigenous societies incorporated this knowledge into their daily life.

     Discoveries of leading-edge science show that this Akashic Field is real and has its equivalent in science’s zero-point field that underlies space itself. This field consists of a subtle sea of fluctuating energies from which all things arise: atoms and galaxies, stars and planets, living beings, and even consciousness. This is the elemental cosmic mind from which everything emanates and is manifested, and to which ultimately returns.  This Akashic Field is the constant and enduring memory of the universe. It holds the record of all that has happened on Earth and in the cosmos and relates it to all that is yet to happen.

     Research is also demonstrating what the mystics of all traditions have discerned: We have the innate ability to envision, understand, and experience the Cosmos at levels far beyond the limitations of our human persona.

     We stand at the threshold of a revolutionary and empowering new vision of the world.

     Science, The Akashic Field, and The Akashic Experience confirms, from the world of science, our deepest intuitions of the oneness of creation. We discover that, as philosopher William James stated, “We are like islands in the sea, separate on the surface but connected in the deep”.

During the webinar you will see/learn that/how:

  •  In search of an integrated theory of everything modern science confirmed the existence of the Akasha of ancient mystics and sages.
  •   The coherence – the nonlocal connection of everything – is a real power in the Cosmos.
  • We are connected between ourselves and the Cosmos at the elemental level.
  • The presence in nature of the active and effective kind of information – “in-formation” – that links all things in the Universe and creates quasi-instant connection among them.
  •  Information is preserved and conveyed in holographic form.
  • What a hologram is.
  •  The language of the Cosmos – the informational language through which the A-field in-formation shapes the wave-form patterns of matter and energy that make up the manifest domains of reality.
  • About the origins and destiny of the Universe.
  • What is the new view of the world, of life, and of mind that the in-formed Universe gives us.
  • The Akashic field is a memory record of everything that has ever happened on Earth and the Cosmos.
  •   How these memories are created and maintained in the Field.
  •   We can access the information/memory band of the A-field during an Akashic experience.
  • What an Akashic experience is.
  • The richness the Akashic experiences can have and what this means for our human consciousness.

(The webinar consists of 19 sessions)


Meeting 1: Introduction
One way of comprehending the world, is the way of science. Science matters because it suggests a trustworthy way of looking at the world – and at ourselves in the world. Science is a source of insight into the way things are in the world. Great scientists are concerned not only with the how of the world – the way things work – but also with what the things of this world are, and why they are the way we find them. Until recently, science gave a fragmented picture of the world. This is now changing. At the leading edge of the sciences ever more researchers are searching for a more integrated, unitary world picture. In quantum physics the attempt has been to create a theory of everything. An integrated theory of everything would bring us closer to understanding the real nature of all the things that exist and evolve in space and time.

Meeting 2: Puzzles of Coherence
We pursue our search for the TOE with some of the findings that puzzle scientists today. We cover a variety of puzzles that is significant in itself, and crops up surprisingly often in a variety of fields. These are puzzles of coherence. Not the ordinary, garden variety of coherence, but the remarkable variety where the parts of the coherent system are so finely adjusted to each other that a change in any one of them introduces change in all the others. Moreover the changes propagate through the system quasi-instantly, and are enduring. It is as if the parts of the system are “nonlocal” – not limited to just where they are, but are in some way everywhere throughout the system. Today we examine how this strange form of coherence appears in the physical world, in the living world, and in the world of consciousness.

Meeting 3: The Crucial Science Fable – Information in Nature (A) 
We now take up the task of identifying the answer to the puzzles of coherence encountered by scientists in the various domains of investigation. The answer, we shall see, is the presence in nature of the active and effective kind of information – “in-formation” – that links all things in the universe and creates quasi-instant connection among them. This is the “crucial science fable” that promises to solve the riddles of coherence and provide the foundation for a theory that is truly a theory of everything.

Meeting 4: The Crucial Science Fable – Information in Nature (B)
We can explain the connections and coherence in various domains of nature in every day terms. We take the example of the sea. When ships travel on the sea’s surface, waves spread in their wake. They affect the motion of the other ships, the fish, whales, or objects in that part of the sea. Everything is exposes to these waves and its path is in a sense “informed” by them. Things that move simultaneously in a waving medium make waves, the medium becomes modulated: full of waves that intersect and interfere. The modulation of the sea’s surface by the ships that ply it carries information on the ships themselves. We examine theories that give a scientific formulation of the process of wave-formation and wave-memory creation in a medium that is not the ordinary sea, but the extraordinary quantum vacuum.

Meeting 5: The Akashic Field
As scientists now realize, the unified vacuum – now widely known as the unified field – is the originating ground as well as the ultimate destination of all the things that arise and evolve in space and time. The unified field can be assumed to persist even as universes emerge and die back. It’s the cradle and the grave of all universes, our universe included. This is the Akashic Field, or A-field for short. The Akashic Field is the rediscovery of the ancient concept of Akasha.

Meeting 6: The Origins and Destiny of Life and the Universe (A)
Perhaps the most fundamental question ever asked is, ‘Where did the Universe come from?’  The standard cosmology, known as BB theory, can say no more about how the universe came into being than that a random instability took place in a fluctuating cosmic vacuum, the pre-space of the universe. There are sophisticated cosmologies that tell us that our universe is not the only universe. There is also a Metaverse that was not created in the Gang that created our universe, nor will the Metaverse itself come to an end when the particles created by this particular Bang vanish in the collapse of the last black hole. The quantum vacuum, the subtle energy and in-formation sea that underlies all “matter” in the universe, did not originate with the Bang that produced our universe, and it will not vanish when the particles created by that explosion fall back into it.

Meeting 7: The Origins and Destiny of Life and the Universe (B)
‘Where is the universe going?’ We now reverse the direction of our inquiry. Instead of moving back in time, we move forward. We should remember that we are querying destiny and not fate. There is a fundamental difference between a point of origin and a point of destiny. A point of origin is in the past, and must be assumed to have been a definite and unique state in the past. A point of destiny is a possibility in the future and can only be definite when it is reached – but it will not be that until it is reached. The cosmos will not have a determinate final state until it actually reaches that state. Not being classically mechanistic, it is undetermined as regards the choice of its ultimate state.

Meeting 8: Consciousness – Human and Cosmic (A)
If the in-formed universe is the cornerstone of an integral theory of everything, it should also provide answers to a set of questions centered not on the manifest facts of universe and life, but on the more subtle facts of consciousness.
The questions we pose concern:
·         The roots of the phenomenon we know as consciousness.
·     The wider range of the active information that reaches and forms our (and any other) consciousness.
·         The next evolution of human consciousness.
·         The possibility that our consciousness survives the demise of our body.

Meeting 9: Consciousness – Human and Cosmic (B)
The in-formed universe gives us a new view of the world, and a new view of life and of mind. Now we know we don’t see the world through our five senses. We can open the roof to the sky. Our brain/mind can access a broad band of information. When we do not repress the corresponding intuitions, we can be in-formed by things as small as a particle or as large as a galaxy. In higher states of consciousness we can enter into deep communication with the universe. In these states the awareness of every cell of the body coherently resonates with the holographically embedded information in the quantum zero-point energy field. Generations after generations of humans have left their holographic traces in the A-field, and the information in these holograms is available to be read out.

Each of us perceives and experiences the world in a unique way. Even the “factual” aspects of our experiences are swayed by our expectations, beliefs, and level of attention. We draw conclusions about the world based on our previous experiences and our intellectual and emotional responses and memories of them. The limitations of purely rational knowledge are overcome when we rely on our “inner knowledge”. Even more so when we use our accumulated experience to discern and choose what is life-affirming – this is wisdom. Nonlocal consciousness – the information that is beyond the illusory limitations of space and time – is omnipresent. Our nonlocal awareness is the portal to inner-knowledge and, ultimately, wisdom.

Our consciousness is not a permanent fixture. It developed gradually and dramatically in the course of millennia. There is a wide variety of speculations about the next step of human consciousness evolution. All these ideas differ in specific detail, but they have a common thrust. Consciousness evolution is from the ego-bound to the transpersonal form. Transpersonal consciousness is open to more of the information that reaches our brain than the consciousness still dominant today. This could produce greater empathy among people, and greater sensitivity to animals, plants, and the entire biosphere. It could create subtle contact with the rest of the cosmos. When a critical mass of humans evolves to the transpersonal level of consciousness a higher civilization is likely to emerge, with deeper solidarity and a higher sense of justice and responsibility.

Meeting 12: Consciousness – Human and Cosmic (E)
Last but not least we ask perhaps the most exciting of all the great questions people have ever asked. ‘Could our consciousness survive the physical demise of our body?’ We venture beyond the observational methods of the natural sciences and look at the evidence furnished by instances where consciousness is no longer directly linked with the brain.

The ancient Greek philosophers saw mathematics, music, and geometry as interwoven and complementary aspects of the inherent “language” of the Cosmos. And they perceived that all phenomena embodied the archetypal patterns created and structured by this informational language. This cosmic language is fundamentally harmonious and relational – as is the holographic order through which A-field in-formation shapes the waveform patterns of matter and energy that make up the manifest domains of reality. Regarding consciousness and the playing out of our experience, there are eight cosmic principles that enact the harmonic nature of the universe. Being aware of them, understanding their purpose, and learning how to work in conscious attunement with them enhances our own collective well-being.

The Law of Attraction states that like attracts like – positive thinking and intention attract positive results, and vice versa. The power of our intention and the energy it unleashes are dependent on our levels of coherence and intensity.
The language of musical harmony enables us to perceive how we ultimately relate to each other and to the Cosmos. But we also utilize other forms of language that are either life-enhancing or not. Our thoughts, emotions, and perceptions are expressed and shared through the language we use. When scientists use misleading concepts, we perceive the Cosmos and our place in it in a misled way.
Scientists are still searching for a good definition of time, because the problem of time is that it doesn’t appear to exist. We can trace the fundamental experience of cause and effect and the one-way direction of time to the very beginning of our universe and its ordered genesis.

There is an explanation for the phenomena that puzzle today’s frontline investigators; we can understand what processes underly nonlocal coherence of the human body, of all life, of the quantum, and of the entire universe. It is the presence of in-formation throughout the cosmos, carried and conveyed by the universal in-formation field we have named the Akashic field. There is no need to ascribe nonlocal coherence, the remarkable space- and time-transcending connection of everything with everything else, to the action of divine will, or to forces above or beyond the natural world. Nonlocal coherence is a bona fide scientific phenomenon.

What is an ‘Akashic experience?’ An Akashic experience is a real, lived experience that conveys a thought, an image, or an intuition that was not, and very likely could not have been, transmitted by our senses either at the time it happened or at any time beforehand – at least not in our current lifetime. In its many variations, the experience suggests that it comes from somewhere beyond our brain and body, and that the information on which it is based is conserved somewhere beyond our brain and body. The Akashic experience gives clear testimony that we are connected to an information and memory field objectively present in nature. The Akashic experience comes in many sizes, forms, and flavors, to all kinds of people, and all its varieties convey information on the real world – the world beyond the brain and body.

The information that reaches the mind in an extra- or non-sensory mode does not appear to have conventional limits in space and time. It could have come from anywhere, and could have originated at any time in the past. It is not local but universal. It is distributed information in a universal information- and memory-field that is present throughout nature. The Akashic field records, conserves, and conveys information in a holographic mode. The human brain can exchange information with holograms in the environing fields. In addition to perceiving the external world through our senses, we can also perceive some of its aspects and elements nonlocally. Our brain can receive information on some aspects or elements of all the things and events in the universe. The brain accesses more easily information it has itself created. Other people’s holograms can also be accessed, especially if they are physically related, or emotionally close. There are also some puzzling varieties of the Akashic experience that indicate there is more to human experience than we had thought. We are connected to the world in ways that are deeper and more wide-ranging than our eyes and ears can testify. Recognizing this fact changes everything we know about the world and about ourselves.

Meeting 18: “Alternative Worlds” – Guided Spirit Journey
Guided Visualization through Theta Brainwaves

Meeting 19: Review – Q&A

Tuesday, December 24, 2019

‘A CHRISTMAS CAROL’ (An experience in the Akashic Records)

 'A Christmas Carol' by Charles Dickens hasn’t been out of print since its first publication in 1843. It has been translated into dozens of languages and converted into countless plays, TV shows, and theatrical productions. This is the story of a miserly old man who changes his life – and the lives of many others – through a personal epiphany. But did you know that this tenderhearted and moving story is about the Akashic Records?

      Think about it for a moment. This elderly gentleman (through the help of spirit) is able to go back and witness his choices and circumstances of the past. He is also able to investigate the present and witness the options and adjacent possibilities that his present moments hold. Finally, he is taken into the records of his potential future – a future that seems inevitable based on his present behavior, attitude, and choices – a future where both he and the sweet child Tiny Tim pass away by Christmas of the following year.

     He realizes through these various travels through time and experiences in the records that he no longer wants to pursue the same path that he is on. In fact, when looking upon his own headstone, Scrooge is driven to pleading with the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come.

     The ghost doesn’t respond to him, but Scrooge learns his answer upon waking up on Christmas morning. When he realizes he is still alive, his spirit is renewed and filled with deep appreciation and excitement for life. Scrooge then goes on to write wonderful new records in his present life – records filled with compassion, generosity, and a hither purpose of helping his fellow man than he ever had before.

     Clearly he viewed and changed his own Future Records, and through Scrooge’s loving intervention, Tiny Tim did not die. Scrooge himself lived on and became known for his exuberance. It was said of him that he knew how to keep Christmas well, and that he kept it in his heart throughout the year, a function of writing joyous Present Records.

     Though Dickens never identified it, Scrooge was a man who used the incredible power of the Akashic Records, the information brought by spirit and held in the ethers, to his benefit and to the benefit of many others.

     At first look, ‘A Christmas Carol’ is just a sweet, cautionary tale reminding us not to live in misery and constant striving. Above that, of course, is the moral reminder that we should prioritize our social responsibility and our understanding that we are all indeed connected. But on a higher level, it tells us that we are capable of looking into the past and the future and if we are open to the information there – in the Akashic Records – we can shift the quality of our life at its core.

     One of “Beyond Illusion Project” programs which are under construction is a FREE LIVE webinar on the Akashic Field, and an a personal development workshop on the Akashic Records. The workshop introduces you to the philosophy of the Akashic Records, where, among a lot more, you’ll learn how past lives are influencing you today, and what you can do to rewrite those records. Also, how to program future events within the records of this life and in lifetimes to come.

     For now, I wish you  A Happy Festive Season, and hope you enjoy Scrooge’s story inspirational.