Wednesday, December 12, 2018

The Twelve Signs of Christmas

Christmas is traditionally a time when shopping, eating and partying form a large part of the celebrations. Yet each sign is unique in its own way, so what does it take to make this time of the year extra special for you?

Aries: an active Christmas

With a low boredom threshold, just sitting around at home watching old films on television probably isn't for you. Confident and energetic, you don't mind dancing the night away at parties as long as there are enough exciting, dynamic personalities to claim your attention. Shrinking violets need not apply! Because you like to stay on the move and enjoy a spot of competition, channel that dynamic spirit of yours into some winter sports such as skiing (indoor or outdoor), tobogganing, or ice skating.

Taurus: a sensual Christmas

Great food, good wine and comfortable surroundings are your idea of a sublime festive season. As a practical earth sign you probably enjoy decorating the home and tree, as well as cooking (and sampling) all those wonderful meals. Any musical talents, especially in the singing line, might be creatively expressed in a choir, or door-to-door carols. With physical pleasures in mind you might also appreciate the occasional massage, especially with oils, or any therapeutic treat that helps you unwind and recharge.

Gemini: a sociable Christmas

This time of year wouldn't be complete for you without plenty of people to talk to, whether it's on the phone, by e-mail or in person. You love popping into their houses to have a chat, catch up on the latest gossip and plan that stimulating get-together. Variety definitely is your spice of life at any time, so you won't stay in one place for long. Exchange new ideas, get out and about, decide on a new class or some kind of learning for the New Year. Lots of parties will also be stimulating for you.

Cancer: a family Christmas

Christmas just wouldn't be complete for you without a large gathering of your nearest and dearest. You love making others feel at home, and something cosy with familiar faces around would suit far more than anything loud and noisy. You're a bit of a softie at heart, with a sensitive, sentimental side, and probably enjoy cooking a big festive meal with everyone around the table. At some point the photographs will come out and you'll curl up in front of the fire or the television to catch up on the news.

Leo: a dramatic Christmas

Let's face it, with all those long, dark, dreary days, this fire sign needs an injection of light and colour. Trips to the theatre, to the opera or out to dinner will lift your spirits – anywhere you can dress up and make an impression. Being cooped up at home or in the kitchen will make you miserable. Head for the bright lights to shop, to buy some champagne, indulge in that spot of amateur dramatics or panto. Failing that, getting away to a Venetian hotel or Scottish castle might be just the touch of fantasy you need.

Virgo: a useful Christmas

You've probably been working on Christmas preparations since March! With your keen eye for detail, this is the time of year when you like to go through all the items on your festive list, checking all arrangements, making sure everyone has just the right present to suit their needs. It's important for you to be of service in some way, so voluntary or charity work, working behind the scenes, preparing a Christmas meal for those less fortunate, might be more appealing than just having fun and indulging yourself.

Libra: a harmonious Christmas

This is the time of year when you like to bring people together, making the right connections and maybe spending time with your other half, that special partner who can make this season truly romantic for you. With your great taste for blending design and colour everything needs to look good, so the decorations will always be extra special. Any Christmas tensions can upset your sense of balance, so the bigger social occasions or intimate dinner parties where you charm as the host or hostess might be more your style.

Scorpio: a mysterious Christmas

You may enjoy the long, dark winter evenings, but too much celebration can irritate that private inner world you need to hide away in. With your keen perception you assess others accurately, so people will find you intriguing and magnetic at any social gathering you do attend. A ghost hunting weekend in that old mansion, Glastonbury Tor on Christmas Eve, or celebrating the winter solstice at Stonehenge might be more in your line, absorbing all those intense energies and utilising your psychic side in a supernatural location.

Sagittarius: a faraway Christmas

Your idea of the perfect Christmas might be another place or country altogether, lazing on a beach in Australia or tracking polar bears in the Antarctic. You love the excitement and fun of Christmas as long as there's plenty of scope for you to explore the world around you rather than being tied down to shopping, eating and watching films on TV. Your idea of heaven is an invitation to more than one party, visiting different friends. An open door to a quick escape is important for that restless spirit.

Capricorn: a productive Christmas

You always find it hard to unwind and let go. Holidays worry you: you always like your mobile or computer switched on for that extra bit of business. The frivolous fun side of Christmas doesn't really appeal. Try to get that leisure/work balance right, indulge your inner child and let your hair down when entertaining. The office party is your favourite kind, mixing business with pleasure, networking with the odd drink or two. A team-building weekend might also be your idea of festive relaxation.

Aquarius: an unpredictable Christmas

Endless plans and traditional get-togethers with the usual relatives or family gatherings are probably not your thing. An alternative Christmas, with vegetarian food mixed with conservation activities, in a group of people who share your values and ideas might suit. You positively welcome the spontaneous or last-minute getaway – in fact you'd probably prefer it that way. Yours would probably be the anti-party party, full of rebels who like to shock with the unconventional, giving any festive gathering that electric touch.

Pisces: a magical Christmas

You love the fairytale fantasy side of this season. You're a romantic dreamer, always longing to escape to other worlds, so any chance to leave that boring everyday routine appeals. Dancing the night away to your favourite music (preferably under the stars) would make your ideal party: you're not one for loud noise and crowds. Singing, particularly in church, might also soothe the spirit at this busy time. Dressing the tree and buying presents will help keep your feet on the ground. A fancy dress party would be ideal, as you're a bit of a chameleon and love to pretend you're someone else.

By Nicola Wood

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Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Chiron Trine Mercury And North Node – Open The Door

After 5 months in retrograde, Chiron just turned direct at 27° Pisces on December 9th, 2018. This is the last time Chiron goes direct in Pisces, at least for the next 50 years.
On the same day, Chiron makes a beautiful grand water trine with Mercury (at 27° Scorpio) and with the North Node (at 27° Cancer).
Mercury is our mind. Master or servant, our mind is the ‘manager’ of our life. We feed it with thoughts, feelings, and impressions. Mercury processes them. As a result, we feel in a certain way. We act in a certain way. All our feelings, actions, everything about us can be traced back to the mind. Can be traced back to Mercury. 
When we have a Mercury transit, our mind pays attention.
What about Chiron? Chiron is also called “the wounded healer” but Chiron is much more than that. Chiron orbits between Saturn, the last planet visible to the naked eye - and the last planet we can conceptualize with our Mercurial mind - and Uranus.
Uranus is the first invisible planet, an archetype that our mind cannot grasp yet. That’s why Uranus is associated with chaos and surprises - it’s because what we don’t understand, we fear.
Chiron is the ‘missing link’ between Saturn and Uranus and represents our opportunity to transcend our material limitations, to move beyond matter and time, to something greater than our mind can even comprehend.
Of course, the process is not easy. It means awakening from the limited, false reality we are programmed to live in. At first, it hurts. That’s why Chiron is the wounded healer.
But after we embrace the pain, Chiron can open doors to places you can’t even imagine.
Chiron’s symbol is the key, right? 

Chiron is nothing else but the key to wholeness
The North Node represents our purpose in life, our potential to alter our karma (represented by the South Node) and change the course of our destiny.
What happens when these three powerful archetypes - Mercury, Chiron, and the North Node - come together?
Our mind (Mercury)
Our wholeness (Chiron)
Our life’s purpose (North Node).
If there was only one contact - between Chiron and the North Node - we might have missed the incredible opportunity of this transit. But because Mercury (our mind) is involved as well, we simply cannot miss it. 
Pay attention to the messages around you - and inside you.
What message is so clear, so true, so important that you cannot ignore it?
You knew it all along, but you didn't pay enough attention to it.
Not anymore.  
The portal has been opened. Chiron has given you the key. Step in. Today can be the day that everything changes. 

By Astro Butterfly
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Saturday, December 8, 2018

New Moon in Sagittarius - Message In A Bottle

Message In A Bottle - Trusting The Universe Works In Your Favor

Once upon a time, before the internet, before television, before cars and the postal service, people used completely different ways of communicating with each other.
Imagine someone, back in the day, really wanted to send a message, to reach out to the world. What would they do? They would put a message in a bottle and surrender it to the great ocean.
Bottles in the ocean are a symbol for miracles. When nothing else works, when you’ve tried all other avenues, the ocean is the last option. The bottle can take your message very far, but not necessarily where you expect it to.
The currents can drift the bottle in any direction. You have no control. You don’t know the destination. You have to trust that the ocean will drift the bottle to the ‘right’ shore. When there’s no hope left, you have to trust that the universe works in your favor.
 People surrender to the unknown as the last resort, when they have lost all hope. In reality, we don’t have to wait that long. You can surrender to the ocean anytime. Your message will reach the right destination, but you have to be willing not to know the destination.  
A message in a bottle is you asking God - or the Universe - for directions. All you have to do is ask. Without expectations, without trying to ‘guess’ the answer.

New Moon In Sagittarius - Jupiter, Neptune, Intuition And Psychic Messages

On December 7th, 2018 we have a New Moon at 15° Sagittarius. The New Moon is square Mars and Neptune, which form a conjunction in Pisces.
A square is a dynamic aspect. It pushes us to take action. But what kind of action?
We have two energies at play - Sagittarius and Pisces. Sagittarius is the sign of expanding one’s horizons. Sagittarius is also connected with intuition and higher knowledge.
When you intuitively know who to trust and who not, whether or not you should take the job, that’s because Sagittarius (and the ruling planet, Jupiter) has connected the dots for you.
Jupiter’s knowledge is based on experience. What we call intuition is our capacity to connect large amounts of information and find meaning and trends.
Pisces has many things in common with Sagittarius. Both Pisces and Sagittarius are mutable signs, and both Pisces and Sagittarius are ruled by Jupiter (Jupiter is the main ruler of Sagittarius and the traditional ruler of Pisces). Both Pisces and Sagittarius are connected with faith, hope, and spirituality.
Pisces is also ruled by Neptune, the planet of the ocean, the soul, the unconscious and psychic connections. Neptune is the medium that connects us with other realms of existence.
If Sagittarius and Jupiter are connected with higher knowledge and intuition, Pisces and Neptune are connected with the unconscious and with psychic connections.
Many times we confuse the two. We believe we received a psychic message when in fact it was our intuition playing out, or the other way around, we receive messages from other realms and believe it’s our intuition.
When we ‘feel’ our partner is sad, that’s intuition, when we suddenly get a message that our partner is sad, even when they are far away, that’s a psychic message.
The New Moon in Sagittarius is exactly about these two archetypes: knowledge based on intuition and experience (Sagittarius) and knowledge based on communicating with higher realms (Pisces).
Your intuition (New Moon in Sagittarius) will be challenged - by Mars and Neptune in Pisces - to open up to other types of messages. Pay attention to unusual signs, to omens, to dreams. They will give you very important clues about what to do.
If you feel ‘you’re right’ about something or someone, but you get a different message from an unusual source, don’t dismiss this message. That’s Mars and Neptune in Pisces pushing you to take a different route.
Mercury just turned direct. When Mercury changes course, something you overlooked will suddenly emerge and change everything. Because Mercury direct coincides with the New Moon in Sagittarius and with the Mars-Neptune conjunction in Pisces, incredible breakthroughs are possible now.
If you feel you’ve reached a plateau in knowledge and experience, open to the higher portals of your being. Delve within the Spiritual world. Send a message in a bottle. Let the ocean take your message to unknown destinations. 

By Astro Butterfly

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Thursday, December 6, 2018

This festive season, don’t let the urgent become the enemy of the important

This is a time of year when stress levels peak.  Yes, we have parties, holidays and festivities to look forward to.  But there are all those other things we need to get done before year end.  Project deadlines, work assignments, and around the home perhaps, all sorts of jobs to complete in readiness for Christmas and the New Year.
All these things are urgent.  If we don’t get them done, we’ll be in trouble.  So we do get them done.  If necessary, we wake up early and go to bed late.  We put ourselves out to make sure that we take care of the urgent.

There are also people, pets and activities in our lives that are important.  It’s important to spend time with our friends.  To take in the beauty of sunrise across a frosted field while walking with our dog.  To enjoy a fireside cuddle with our feline companion.  It’s important to phone an elderly parent or to reach out to a friend who is bored or lonely.

There are often no immediate consequences if we don’t do what’s important.  From one day to another, life carries on quite adequately if we don’t take in the last rays of the sun slanting across the ocean, or meet up with an old friend for coffee and conversation.

Over a period of time, however, if we don’t do what’s important, life becomes meaningless.  What’s the point in busting a gut to deliver on some work assignment, if we never spend any time connecting with others, or even with ourselves, in a heartfelt way?  Who cares when we tick all those ‘to do’ boxes if, in so doing, we’re only chasing our tails in a futile but frenetic circle that’s taking us nowhere – and which may even be a distraction from what ultimately matters to us?

As French psychologist and writer Christophe Andre puts it: ‘Every day the things that are urgent in our lives come into conflict with those that are important.  How can we stop totally sacrificing the important things to those that are urgent?  How can we stop bowing ever more fully to the dictates of the urgent, with the effect that, after a while, every demand seems urgent to us, even when in reality it isn’t, or not as urgent as it would like us to think?’ (Mindfulness, 25 Ways to Live in the Moment through Art.  A brilliant book, by the way!)

This festive season, let’s not lose sight of the important in the midst of the urgent.  Let’s not diminish, overlook or undervalue those things that make our lives – and the lives of those around us – truly worthwhile.  Let’s make the important a priority too!

By David Michie

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