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 Beyond Illusion Project


“Timeless Life. The Road to Freedom”

   The Quantum Alternative to Growing Old



The Program


“Timeless Life. The Road to Freedom” is a groundbreaking on line program on the whole question of aging. It has been developed for all those who aim at their mental and spiritual development. Drawing on the most important elements of philosophy, biology, quantum science, and ancient wisdom it approaches health and longevity from a revolutionary perspective. It reminds you of the body’s infinite capacity for change and renewal. Would you ever have imagined that the secret to conquering the universal mystery of aging lies not in our physical bodies, but in our consciousness?

     “Timeless Life. The Road to Freedom” presents you with information that can help you live long, healthy lives. Ancient wisdom and modern science coalesce into a prescription for living a joyful, fulfilling life.

     “Timeless Life. The Road to Freedom” shows you how to actually reverse the aging process and remain vital, creative, and energetic throughout your entire lives. And it will inspire you to think differently about the connection between your physical and mental health.


 You can contact me by email: psychologyandmore@gmail.com or through the contact form on our blog. 


During the program:

·         You will come to realize that aging is not necessary – in fact nobody has ever proved it is

·         You will be given basic principles to practice in order to live a long, joyful, healthy life

·         You will come to realize that aging is reversible

·         You will realize that discarding the assumptions of the old paradigm and embracing the fresh ideas of the new science is an essential first step to youthing

·         Awareness has the power to change aging. Life is awareness in action

·         Adaptability, remaining open to change, to accept the new and welcome the unknown, seems to be very important

·         You will see that defeating entropy – the universal tendency for order to break down into disorder – is your innate capacity

·         Stress is a major cause of aging. A mind-body technique that goes directly to the root of the stress response is meditation

·         You will learn how to restore your awareness to a state of acceptance, so that living in the present is as fulfilling as it can possibly be

·         You will enjoy a hypnosis session which triggers your “relaxation response”, which allows your body to regenerate and get younger

·         You will realize that in order to have a meaningful life, you have to use your body. Only the sacred side of your nature would give your body its highest meaning, purpose, intelligence, and creativity. You have to resurrect your soul, as there is constant feedback between the soul and the body

·         You will come to realize that the body is not an object but an energetic process whose limits are not known

·         Your body is an invention, and you’ve been inventing it from the day you were born

·         Dealing with your own energy is the most effortless way to heal yourself

·         If you want to change your body, a change in awareness comes first

·         You’ll learn ways to break down stuck or distorted energy in the form of conditioning

·         You’ll learn how to have “soft awareness” – a state of mind that is open, relaxed, and receptive

·         You’ll know your DNA is made of energy, and you can change its energy patterns through a change of awareness

·         You’ll learn how to allow a clearer channel of communication with your body by tuning into it

·         Through an epigenetic hypnosis session you will activate the genes in your body that lead to better health

·         You’ll see that time isn’t your enemy, and you can overcome its effects on your body

·         You’ll know that you can break the spell of mortality when you shift from time-bound awareness to timeless awareness and live a multidimensional life

·         You’ll know that your soul is your spiritual body and can bring even more of Spirit into the human realm

·         You’ll be able to walk a path to your soul once you adopt a drastically new thinking

·         You’ll see that by shifting your attention to your soul, you’ll experience an epiphany every day

·         You’ll be presented with fascinating scientific discoveries that reveal that food is not only a source of energy and building blocks for the body-machine. It is also a powerful source of information

·         The role of water in food as a carrier of information


Aging is reversible, and I am convinced that if you do the exercises of this program, you will dramatically slow down and even reverse the aging process.


(The program consists of 43 meetings)




Meeting 1: Introduction

The fascinating thing about aging is that no one has ever proved it was necessary. This startling fact has been true over the last few decades. The new old age has emerged. More and more older people are younger in body and mind. Clearly there is no set pattern for aging. Scientific discoveries on brain and DNA reveal an astonishing picture. The ancient argument between nurture and nature has been wiped off the slate. Nature sets the stage by giving you a body, but mind is responsible for nurture and whatever the mind wants to do, nature will follow. Aging is reversible.

     More than any nutritional supplements or exercise, the most important thing that you can do to change your life is to practice the following principles. These are the basic principles this program is based on:

Have your attention on the timeless, the eternal, the infinite.                                Get your ego out of the way.                                                                                 Be natural; relinquish the need to hide constantly behind a social mask.                                                                                                     Surrender to the mystery of the universe.                                                          Have a sense of communion with Spirit or Divinity.                                                 Be defenseless, relinquishing the need to defend your point of view.               

     The meeting includes a quiz which examines how perceptive you are to personal change. We can all become more open, but it’s good to have a starting point before the journey begins. 


Part Α: The Land Where No One Is Old

Meeting 2: Ending the Tyranny of the Senses (A)

The rules of everyday existence state that to grow old, become frail, and die is the ultimate destiny of all. Now we start on a journey of discovery. We will explore a place where the rules of everyday existence do not apply. I want you to suspend your assumptions about what we call reality, so that we can become pioneers in a land where youthful vigor, renewal, creativity, joy, fulfillment, and timelessness are the common experience of everyday life, where old age, senility, and infirmity do not exist and are not even entertained as a possibility. And it is our conditioning, our current collective worldview that we were taught by our parents, teachers, and society preventing us from going there. This way of seeing things – the old paradigm – is an induced fiction in which we have collectively agreed to participate. Your body is aging beyond your control because it has been programmed to live out the rules of that collective conditioning. In order to create the experience of ageless body and timeless mind, you must discard ten assumptions about who you are and what the true nature of the mind and body is. Then replace each assumption of the old paradigm with a more complete and expanded version of the truth. Adopt new assumptions that allow you much more freedom and power, and which give you the ability to rewrite the program of aging that now directs your cells. These are vast assumptions, the makings of a new reality, yet all are grounded in the discoveries of quantum physics. Today we examine the two first assumptions of the new paradigm:

1.   There is no objective world independent of the observer.      

2.   Our bodies are composed of energy and information.


Meeting 3: Ending the Tyranny of the Senses (B)

In this meeting we deal with no. 3, 4, and 5 assumptions of the new paradigm:

3.   Mind and body are inseparably one. Intelligence can express itself as thoughts or as molecules. A basic emotion such as fear can be described as an abstract feeling or as a tangible molecule of the hormone adrenaline. Without the feeling there is no hormone; without the hormone there is no feeling. The revolution we call mind-body medicine was based on this simple discovery: Wherever thought goes, a chemical goes with it. Medicine is just beginning to use the mind-body connection for healing. The placebo effect is a powerful example. The power which activates it is the power of suggestion alone. This suggestion is then converted into the body’s intention to cure itself. We have extremely exciting evidence to prove that if we can effectively trigger the intention not to age, the body would carry it out automatically. We can reawaken the power of intention at any time. Long before you get old, you can prevent losses associated with aging by consciously programming your mind to remain youthful, using the power of your intention.


4.   The biochemistry of the body is a product of awareness. One of the greatest limitations of the old paradigm was the assumption that a person’s awareness doesn’t play a role in explaining what is happening in their body. Yet healing cannot be understood unless the person’s beliefs, assumptions, expectations, and self-image are also understood. Awareness makes a huge difference in aging. To despair of growing old makes you grow old faster, while to accept it with grace keeps many miseries, both physical and mental, from your door.


5.   Perception is a learned phenomenon. No two people share the same perception of anything. Personal responses to experience have to be learned, which is where differences originate. Learning is a very active use of the mind, leading to very active changes in the body. In short, our bodies are the physical results of all the interpretations we have been learning to make since we were born. We can use our awareness to create the bodies we actually want.


This meeting includes two exercises that teach you how to reinterpret your body.

a)    Seeing through the mask of matter.

b)   Closing the gap (HW) (Audio)


Meeting 4: Ending the Tyranny of the Senses (C)

In this meeting we deal with no 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 of the assumptions of the new paradigm.

6.   Intelligence constantly creates the body in new forms every second. Creating the body in new forms is necessary in order to meet the changing demands of life. The differences in perception between a 3 and a 6 month old babies can show this truth. As long as new perception continue to enter your brain, your body can respond in new ways. There is no secret of youth more powerful. New knowledge, new skills, new ways of looking at the world keep mind and body growing. When someone’s interpretations change, changes in his reality also take place.


7.   Despite the appearance of being separate individuals, we are all connected to patterns of intelligence: You and your environment are one. In a very real sense your environment is your extended body. If you choose, you can experience yourself in a state of unity with everything you contact. Experiencing unity has tremendous implications for aging, because when there is harmonious interaction between you and your extended body, you feel joyful, healthy, and youthful. In many ways, the most important thing you can do to experience a world without aging is to nurture the knowledge that the world is you.


 8   Time is not absolute. The underlying reality of all things is eternal, and what we call time is really quantified eternity. You perceive yourself as existing in time because your body is composed of change. To change, one must have a flow or sequence. In this sequence there is a before and after. Theoretically you can have past, present, and future contained in one place. In quantum physics, the whole notion of time as an arrow shooting inexorably forward has been shattered forever. The only absolute left to us is the timeless. When your attention is in the past or the future, you are in the field of time, creating aging. When a life is concentrated in the present, it is most real, because the past and future are not impinging upon it. Only the present moment exists. Past and future are mental projections. If you can free yourself of these projections, trying neither to relive the past nor to control the future, a space is opened for a completely new experience. The experience of ageless body and timeless mind.


9.   Everyone inhabits a reality of non-change lying beyond all change. The experience of this reality brings change under our control. The fact that time is tied to awareness implies that you could maintain an entirely different style of functioning – the physiology of immortality – which would correspond to the experience of non-change. It requires a shift out of time-bound awareness into timeless awareness. In various subtle ways, our cells constantly adjust to our perception of time. It is all important to realize that you can reach a state where time-bound processes can be realigned.


  We are not victims of aging, sickness, and death. These are part of the scenery, not the seer, who is immune to any form of change. The billions of changes occurring in our cells are only the passing scenery of life; behind their mask is the seer, who represents the source of the flow of awareness. Everything I can possibly experience begins and ends with awareness. Every thought or emotion that captures my attention is a tiny fragment of awareness. When awareness has become fragmented, vast areas of our bodily existence go out of our control, leading to sickness, aging, and death. But this is only to be expected. The person himself has lost communication with the deep levels of intelligence than govern and control all his cells – indeed, every cell is nothing but intelligence organized into various layers of visible and invisible patterns. Despite its solid physical appearance, your body is very much like a river, akin to the sacred river so beautifully described by Herman Hesse in his spiritual novel “Siddhartha”.   

 Included in the meeting are three exercises:

a)    A guided meditation titled “Breathing the Field”

b)   A visualization about how to compress time.

c)    Redefining (HW) (V)


 Part B: Learning Not To Age

 Meeting 5: Aging and Awareness (A)

Awareness has the power to change aging, but awareness is a two-edged sword – it can both heal and destroy. What makes the difference is how your awareness becomes conditioned or trained, into various attitudes, assumptions, beliefs, and reactions. When these mental patterns are destructive, a person finds himself driven by his mind into destructive behavior; when the mental patterns are constructive, the person is motivated toward self-enhancing behavior. The impressions of paste experience lock our minds into predictable patterns that trigger predictable behaviors. The effect of conditioning is always the same: choice becomes restricted. But any time choice sems to be cut off, some form of illusion is operating. In our societies inside everyone lies the hidden conviction “I must age”, which operates so powerfully that our bodies conform to it. There are societies in which people share very different styles of conditioning and therefore very different styles of aging. “Beliefs create biology”. No truer statement was ever ever made about aging. Our inherited expectation that the body must wear out over time, coupled with deep beliefs that we are fated to suffer, grow old, and die, creates the biological phenomenon we call aging. Life is awareness in action.


Meeting 6: Aging and Awareness (B)

When life becomes meaningless, the body’s sustaining energy seems to drain silently away like a leaky battery. We can prove that this draining away of vitality, curiosity, and the will to live is controllable and in fact has nothing to do with normal aging. The body is self-replenishing. It renews its energies automatically after times of depletion.

     People who have the best chance of living to be 100 share some common traits. Adaptability, most simply defined as freedom from conditioned response, seems to be very important. To remain open to change, to accept the new and welcome the unknown, is a choice that involves definite personal skills. For left to inertia, the mind tends to reinforce its old habits and increasingly to fall prey to its conditioning. The way we age is just the result of who we are.

     Because so much of our internal programming is unconscious, we miss the fact that the most powerful influence we have over how we age comes simply from our awareness. To gain control over the aging process, one must first be aware of it. The fact that awareness behaves like a field is now deemed crucial to understanding aging. Almost everything happening to us can be corrected by creating a new mode of awareness. By increasing someone’s awareness, bringing it into a new focus and breaking out of old patterns, you can alter aging. The magic is in how the body follows changes of awareness across the barrier of time. And there is no limit to the kinds of changes that awareness can produce.

Included in the meeting: Adaptability Questionnaire (HW)


Meeting 7: Aging and Awareness (C)

In this meeting we discuss your results from the Adaptability Questionnaire you were given in meeting 6.

We go on with two of a series of exercises designed to prove that you can consciously direct the flow of energy and information in your body. There are major benefits to be gained once you begin to consciously use your awareness.

Exercise 1: Paying Attention to Your Body.

Exercise 2: Focused Intention


Meeting 8: Aging and Awareness (D)

We continue with exercises designed to prove that you can consciously direct the flow of energy and information in your body. There are major benefits to be gained once you begin to consciously use your awareness.

Exercise 3: A Trigger for Transformation

Exercise 4: Intentions and the Field

Tuning Into New Potentials Meditation


Part C: Defeating Entropy

Meeting 9: Defeating Entropy

The world is a dangerous place for life to survive in, and if we look beyond the localized dangers of our planet, a cosmic force stands ever ready to destroy life. It is called entropy the universal tendency for order to break down into disorder. Entropy came into existence at the instant of the Big Bang. It is a one-way arrow. An aged body doesn’t automatically turn young again. The breakdown of orderliness is inherent in the physical make up of the universe, and it is at the core of the reason why our bodies deteriorate and age over time. If we want to defeat aging, we must first learn how to defeat entropy.

     The human body exists in utter defiance of entropy, since it is incredibly orderly and capable of adding to its order with even more complexity. Clearly, there is a counter force pushing evolution along, creating life, fending off the threat of entropy. The counter force is intelligence, which at the quantum level is far more than a mental phenomenon. Intelligence holds together the blueprint of each cell in its DNA, and many scientists now believe the same holds true of the entire universe. Intelligence is a synonym for creative power. It reaches out into chaos and from the quantum soup forms beautiful symmetries. It infuses dead molecules with life and breath. When entropy gains an upper hand, intelligence must wane. The two forces are in constant battle. Creation and destruction coexist. As long as the body can renew itself according to its blueprint of orderliness, entropy is countered. Every cell knows how to defeat entropy by bringing intelligence to the rescue whenever disorder begins to intrude. Your cells want to be new at every moment. According to the new paradigm, your entire body is one field of awareness, and the activity inside your cells is directly influenced by how you think and act. One excellent way to prevent entropy is physical exercise. Give the body something to do. Exercise has a quantum effect, regardless of how much or little you do, by giving the body a chance to restore subtle patterns of functioning. In quantum terms, whatever promotes orderliness is beneficial in opposing entropy.  


Meeting 10: The Flow of Intelligence

Physiology is nothing but intelligence at work, and every process under way in every cell is essentially intelligence talking to itself. Being abstract and invisible, intelligence has to react before it can make itself known. Your brain makes its intelligence known by producing words and concepts, your body makes its intelligence known by producing molecules that can carry messages. These two types of intelligence meld into each other. The whole operation takes place at the quantum level, where the line between the abstract and the concrete blurs. At the source of intelligence there is very little difference between thoughts and molecules. A message is not a thing, yet, your body turns it into a thing. Words and images function just as well as “real” molecules to trigger the ongoing process of life. This is how nature operates behind the illusion of physical reality.

     The language we use to refer to ourselves is of tremendous importance. Words have the power to program awareness . They are more than symbols; they are triggers of biological information. This is particularly important when we look at those two potent words, young and old. In a world of dualism, there are implication of putting old and young at opposite poles.  It is important to avoid passively accepting the negative connotations that the word old carries. Beyond the false duality of “old” and “young”, we find a different reality: The body is a network of messages constantly being transmitted and received. Some of these messages nourish and sustain us, while others lead to disorder and break-down.

     Overall our goal is to sustain a nurturing life. Biorhythms, living in balance with our environment, is important, and our single best indicator of success is our body’s feelings of comfort.


 Meeting 11: The Invisible Threat

Stress is a major cause of aging. The human brain copes with stress by activating the fight-or-flight response. If pushed too far, this stress response turns on our own bodies and begins to create breakdowns, both mentally and physically. What is so striking about the accumulated consequences of stress is that taken all together they look very much like growing old. Older people take longer to recover from the stress and they become less tolerant of strong stresses. Outside stressors alone are not enough to account for an ailment. We have to include the mind-body connection, for such invisible elements as interpretation, belief, and attitude are enormously important in the actual workings of the stress response.

     There is one mind-body technique that goes directly to the root of the stress response by releasing the remembered stresses that trigger new stress: meditation. The connection between anti-aging and meditation is very important. But the implications go even deeper. Meditation is a spiritual practice. Spirituality is not meant to be separate from the body. At every stage of spiritual growth, the greatest ally you have is your body. Sickness and aging represent the body’s inability to reach its natural goal, which is to join the mind in perfection and fulfillment. When the material, psychological, and spiritual dimensions are brought into balance, life becomes whole, and this union brings feelings of comfort and security. Only if you feel sure of your place in the universe can you begin to face the fact that you are surrounded by creation and destruction as they constantly play themselves out. You cannot defeat entropy as a physical force, but you can rise to a level of realization that is not touched by entropy. At the deepest level, intelligence is immune to decay.


 Meeting 12: In Practice (A)

Life’s uncertainty makes constant demands on everyone’s coping mechanisms. There are basically two ways to cope with uncertainty: Acceptance – you allow events to unfold around you and react to them spontaneously, and resistance – you try to change events from what they really are and react to them with familiar, safe responses. Acceptance is healthy because it permits you to clear any stress as soon as it occurs. Resistance is unhealthy because it builds up residues of frustration, false expectations, and unfulfilled desires. Having stored-up feelings as emotional debt links directly to aging. When you are in emotional debt, you are pessimistic about the future, and even in your green years, long to return to the past to remedy the shortfalls of love and opportunity you suffered.

     Biologically, your body is perfectly set up to live in the present and acquires its greatest joy and satisfaction there. The mind, however, finds it much harder to accept uncertainty. It fears change, loss, and death. This is the source of resistance, which the body translates into stress.

     In the following exercises – today and the in next meeting – you will learn how to restore your awareness to a state of acceptance, so that living in the present is as fulfilling as it can possibly be. First, however, you need to get a sense of how much resistance you are now in.

Control Questionnaire

Exercise 1: Freeing Your interpretations


 Meeting 13: In Practice (B)

Today we continue with the exercises we started in the previous meeting You learn how to restore your awareness to a state of acceptance, so that living in the present is as fulfilling as it can possibly be.

Exercise 2: Peeling the Onion of the Past

Exercise 3: Living in the Present


 Meeting 14: In Practice (C)

We continue with practices through which you learn how to restore your awareness to a state of acceptance so that living in the present is as fulfilling as it can possibly be.

Practice 1: Seven Steps to Emotional Freedom

Practice 2: Moksha: Sutra Practice for Emotional Freedom

Practice 3: Become Aware of Awareness (HW)


 Meeting 15: In Practice (D)

Discussion on your HW practices.

We go on with a Hypnosis session titled: “Get Younger. Eternal Youth. De-aging”. This hypnosis session goes straight to reprogramming your core beliefs. It’s your core beliefs that help create your self-image and they influence your thoughts. You can be younger if you believe and understand that you’re growing younger. It doesn’t matter what society programs people to believe. It doesn’t matter what other people believe. Science always changes and there are new discoveries daily of just how powerful the mind is. So don’t wait for somebody to tell you you can grow younger. Tell yourself you can. And you’re doing it. You should be able to say: “I’m growing younger every day”, like you’re stating a simple fact. Lile “the sky is blue”. This session is gonna focus on a powerful key belief, that de-aging is possible, and it’s happening for you now.


Part D: The Science of Longevity

Meeting 16: 100 Years Young

For every previous generation, 50 was a time for winding down. Compared to your first birth, the one you will experience at 50 has both pluses and minuses. In both instances, a completely new and unknown existence opens up, but the great advantage of your second birth is that you can plan ahead.

     The new paradigm tells us that life is a process of constant transformation, not decline, and therefore is full of potential for unlimited growth. To keep unfolding new possibilities decade after decade, one has to know what these possibilities are.

     Automatic decline is not programmed into our bodies. Longevity comes to those who have discovered this on their own. The only way for the science of longevity to account for anomalous cases of people who live long lives despite horrendous lifestyles according to modern standards, is to probe into issues of mind and heart that transcend physical factors. We are all more than our lifestyle. In order to understand that we need practical examples of holistic living.


 Meeting 17: Longevity With No Limits

We explore the secrets of longevity by travelling to Abkhasia, a remote mountain region of southern Russia, a land of almost mythical old age. The supercentenarians of Abkhasia, rural villagers, almost all of them illiterate field workers, have been reported to have reached incredible ages of up to 170! In their culture the “new” old age has existed for generations. They traditionally led lives in which all the right ingredients came together for conscious, purposeful longevity – not just a longevity of survivors but of “youth in old age”. Abkhasians managed to redefine youth so that it was not opposed to long survival.

     Expectation rules outcome.  Merely being a centenarian is not the triumph of life, but to achieve pure wisdom at that stage is the true aim. The human body is subject to entropy and decay but with a little effort we can have an ageless body, a mature soul, and a timeless mind that as our “links to immortality”.


 Meeting 18: In practice: Hypnosis Session

This meeting is a hypnosis session titled: “Deep Trance Rejuvenation. Younger Body. Cellular Repair”.

This hypnosis triggers your “relaxation response”, which allows your body to regenerate, get younger.  Αccording to a Harvard researcher, Dr. Gerbert Benson, genes that are conducive to getting younger are turned on, and genes that are conducive to aging are turned off, when you are in “relaxation response”.


 Part E: Re-inventing the Body

 Meeting 19: From Breakdown to Breakthrough

You may not realize it, but your body is an invention to begin with. You have been inventing your body from the day you were born, and the reason you don’t see it that way is that the process comes so naturally. It’s easy to take for granted, and that’ s the problem. The flaws you see in your body today aren’t inherent. They aren’t bad news delivered by your genes or mistakes made by Nature. Your choices each played a part in the body you created either consciously or unconsciously.

     We go down a list of physical changes that you have made and continue to make. You are presented with a list of tools, all medically valid, and by using them, you invented your body and can reinvent it any time you want. Without a doubt, the body needs reinventing.

     To have a meaningful life, you have to use your body – you can’t experience anything without one – and so your body should be meaningful, too. Only the sacred side of your nature would give your body its highest meaning, purpose, intelligence and creativity. And that means you have to resurrect your soul, as there is constant feedback between the soul and the body.

     It would take a leap of creative thinking, a breakthrough to reinvent the body. Breakthroughs occur when you start thinking about a problem in a fresh new way. The biggest breakthroughs occur when you start thinking in an unbounded way. From a biological point of view, there’s no reason why the body should be flawed. So start here. Having erased every outworn assumption from your mind, you are now free to entertain some breakthrough ideas that totally change the situation.


 Meeting 20: Breakthrough #1. Your Physical Body Is a Fiction

Breakthroughs depend on daring ideas, so let’s begin with the most daring of all. Your physical body, which you have always assumed to be real, is actually a fiction. If you could see that your physical body is an idea your mind is stubbornly holding on to, an enormous breakthrough would take place. You would no longer be imprisoned in a lump of matter. You would be free to adopt a much better idea of your body. The five senses confirm our physicality but through a microscope what we actually see is intelligence at work. If being physical is an outworn model for the body, moving to a new model is urgent, because how we live is based on our underlying beliefs.

     Change is a choice. When you introduce a new intention, your body finds a way, on its own, to adapt to anything you want. The nonphysical aspect of life is stronger than the physical. Once you stop blinging to the idea that your body is a thing, you realize what should have been obvious: your body is the junction between the visible and invisible worlds. Standing at this junction, you are constantly advancing into new regions of the invisible worlds. Fore every new step you take, your body follows. These steps are called subtle actions, because they involve only the mind. A subtle action – one entirely located in the mind – translates into uncanny physical ability. To have a breakthrough, you must consciously connect with the invisible forces that are everywhere around you, urging you to go beyond your old conditioning.


Meeting 21. Breakthrough #2. Your Real Body is Energy

I can pick up any object – a stick of wood, a match, a tungsten wire -  and make it disappear from the physical world. By examining it under an electron microscope, any piece of physical matter turns into a hazy cloud no more solid than fog. Another step into magnification and the fog vanishes into pure, invisible vibrations. Untapped energy stands at the junction point between the visible and invisible worlds, which is how we’ve been describing your body.

     In everyday life we experience each other’s energy. In the Indian tradition people have always believed that exposing themselves to a holy soul raised their consciousness. Think of all the qualities about another person that you intuitively pick up at the energetic level. It’s hard to think of any human quality that doesn’t have a kind of energy “signature”. By changing your own signature, you can bring forth any quality you want. Your body is an energy converter at a very subtle level, where the most cherished aspects of being alive can be accessed.

     Everyday actions alter the body profoundly. The tiniest change in energy, no more than a few words, can lead to massive physical disruptions. The loss of a mate can make you more susceptible to disease and shorten your life. You have to start thinking of the whole body in terms of energy. Dealing with your own energy is the most effortless way to heal yourself, because you are going directly to the source. When a distorted energy pattern returns to normal, the problem disappears. You can bring healing to any aspect of your life by shifting an unhealthy energy state into a healthy one. What is really needed is a broad-spectrum cure.


Meeting 22: Breakthrough #3. Awareness Has Magic (A)

We need a breakthrough to manage the body’s energy. If distorted energy is the root of all problems, how can it be brought back to its normal healthy state? Someone you have secretly loved whispers “I love you” in your ear. The state of your brain completely alters, and you feel elated. Awareness is where meaning happens. If you want to change your body, a change in awareness must come first. Awareness acts like an invisible force, the most powerful one in your body. It moves energy while seeming to do nothing. Here we have the breakthrough we needed, because awareness can turn unhealthy energy into healthy energy on its own. That is its unique magic.


Meeting 23: Awareness Has Magic (B)

Once you understand how conditioned you actually are, the desire arises to regain control of your life, because every conditioned habit is like an automatic switch that sets a fixed behavior. Time and repetition set these switches in place. Your body adapts to things you do over and over again. It’s much easier to set an energy pattern than a physical one, and once set, it’s much harder to change.

     There are three ways to break down old conditioning: reflection, contemplation, and meditation. Their power increases in that order. At the moment our primary concern is whether these practices are effective in moving stuck energy and changing old conditioning. It turns out that their efficacy is very different, and contrary to what you might expect, the more focused you are about attacking a specific energy pattern, the less likely you are to succeed in getting rid of it.


 Meeting 24: In Your Life (A)

Βecause unhealthy energy is hard, rigid, and stuck, it’s helpful to learn how to have “soft awareness”. By this I mean a state of mind that is open, relaxed, and receptive. In that state, you give yourself the best opportunity to flow with life instead of putting up barriers and resistance.

     As regards eyesight, hard focus is specific and particular. You take aim, so to speak, and keep an object in your sights. Soft focus widens the field of vision. Instead of isolating one tree, you see the whole forest. This approach is very beneficial when applied to the mind. A tightly focused mind becomes narrow and linear if it can’t expand. We follow narrow mental grooves, like a train confined to one narrow set of tracks. We experience our minds one thought at a time. What this habit leads us to miss is true understanding, because your mind is much more than one event after another.

     Do you see your mind through soft or hard focus? Quality of attention is the key.

     Certain eye exercises can teach people how to relax their vision, through “soft focus”.

     You are given such an exercise for HW. It will give you an idea of how things change in everyday life as you change the way you focus your attention.

     We do an OF exercise. OF exercises consist of a series of questions about your ability to imagine certain experiences. Can you imagine that your mind and body naturally respond to the questions, without giving any particular effort to achieving any one of these images or experiences?

     The particular OF exercise titled: “Head and Hands in OF” is designed to begin unlocking some of the stress you carry in your head, neck, shoulders, arms, hands, and fingers. Your head and neck muscles are especially vulnerable to stress and tension.


Meeting 25:  In Your Life (B)

We continue with an OF exercise. The OF exercises consist of a series of questions about your ability to imagine certain experiences. Can you imagine that your mind and body naturally respond to the questions?

The OF exercise in this meeting is titled “In General OF”. 


Meeting 26: Breakthrough #4: You Can Improve Your Genes

Genes are the most complicated thing about the body. Yet there is a simple truth behind them which is this: you can change your genes, and therefore you can improve them. Biologists used to claim that we are born with a set of genes that are fixed and unchangeable. What has changed is a realization that genes only affect you if they are switched on. They have no effect when they are switched off.

What would happen if we stopped looking at DNA physically? Your DNA is no more physical than other parts of your body. It is made of energy, and you can change its energy patterns through a change of awareness. Let’s bring genes into the field of awareness and see how they respond. Now the big question isn’t whether you can improve your genes, but how far you can take the process. You are talking to your genes when you do simple things like eating and moving. At the most basic level, lifestyle choices have genetic consequences. All of us cause changes to our genes but it’s a special skill to do so consciously. We aren’t tuned in to the level of our bodies that actively switches genes on and off. It turns out, however, that this level of awareness is available.


Meeting 27: In Your Life: Tuning In

Once you tune in, your body has an amazing capacity to correct itself. To begin this process, you need to feel comfortable in your body. There has to be a basic connection that isn’t blocked by guilt, shame, and discomfort. Today you take a quiz which will show you where the work of reconnecting starts for you personally.

     The quiz is titled: “Are you at home in your body?” This isn’t a quiz where you tally up your scores. It’s a worksheet for getting back in touch with your body. It’s an exercise, the ultimate point of which is to get your awareness to shift, allowing a clearer channel of communication with the body.


 Meeting 28: In Your Life: Epigenetic Hypnosis

Today’s relaxing, mind patterning hypnosis session, titled “Epigenetic Self HEALING. Activate Genes for Perfect Health” helps you use epigenetic science to your advantage by creating positive expectations of greater, immaculate health.

     Activate the genes in your body that lead to better health by communicating with them in a positive way. Epigenetics is the exciting new science that empowers people to take control of their future genetic expression.


Meeting 29: Breakthrough #5. Time Isn’t Your Enemy

When a breakthrough is powerful enough, it can overturn the natural order of things. The whole issue of time fits into this category. Is anything more powerful than time? It rules the cycle of birth and death. It moves forward inexorably. It brings aging and decay. The ultimate liberation for your body would be to overcome the effects of time. In so doing, you would overcome the body’s greatest flaw, which is that it breaks down as a result of the negative effects of the passage of time.

     In this breakthrough you will see that time isn’t your enemy. We can choose to stop giving in to time as if it ruled our lives. And yet slowing down the aging process isn’t the same as solving the problem of time. Why do we accept the ravages of time at all? Can the body’s worst enemy turn into an ally? To set a new agenda for the body, attitudes must shift.


Meeting 30: In Your Life: Back in the Flow

Once you can accept that time was never your enemy, then escaping the ravages of time becomes possible. It’s your mind that started the trouble. It’s your body that will get you out of trouble. The mind cuts life up into neat slices – days, weeks, months, years – hoping to hoard as many as possible, but always dreading the end that will inevitably come. By contrast, your body lives in the moment, and each moment merges into another in one continuous flow.

     The breakdown of flow is your real enemy. When flow breaks down energy is wasted, communication within the body is cut off, gaps appear in the body’s intelligence. Once you learn to restore the flow, your body is fully capable of repairing the damage that has built up. It will naturally return to a state of dynamic balance. At that point the whole aging process comes to an end.

     However, there’s still the problem of everyday life, which pulls you into our old belief that time is running out. If you want to have all the time in the world, you can train yourself through some simple exercises included in this meeting.


 Meeting 31: Breaking the Spell of Mortality

The ultimate boundary to human life is death and for thousands of years we have tried to travel beyond that boundary. Moments arise when the clear perception of immortality shines through. Some people seem to have contacted a timeless realm through near-death experiences, but it is also accessible in everyday life. The philosopher J. Needleman said that we live in two worlds. Our first world is the word we live in every day, this world of action and activity and doing, ruled by everyday thoughts and emotions. But like flashes of spiritual lightning, there are moments when the second world makes itself known, full of peace and joy, and a clear, unforgettable sense of who we really are. Both worlds are inside us, because ultimately there is nothing verifiable “out there”. Who you are depends on what wo9rld you see yourself living in. The first world is ruled by change, and contains sickness, aging, and death. In the second world, where there is only being, these are totally absent. Finding this world within ourselves and experiencing it, could have a profound effect on the process of sickness and aging, if not death itself.

     Subjective time can be an incredibly powerful force. The element of time pressure alters behavior, attitudes, and physiological responses. How you age depends on how you metabolize your experience. In the final analysis how you metabolize time is the most fundamental experience. Because we are both physical and quantum, human beings live multidimensional lives. Quantum evets that defy linear time take place within our cells continually. DNA’s intelligence operates simultaneously in the past, present, and future. We somehow forget that we can choose whether to make time our enemy in the first place. It’s possible to have actual experiences of timelessness, and when that happens, there is a shift from time-bound awareness to timeless awareness.


Meeting 32: In Practice

To discover where you are on the scale of time-bound vs timeless awareness, in this session you are given a questionnaire to answer.

     Most people have very little notion of how much effort they expend to keep themselves trapped in time-bound awareness. In their natural state, both body and mind attempt to discharge negative energies as soon as they are felt. When the human organism is discharging its negative experiences efficiently, the mind is empty of past or future concerns. The mind is left open to Being, the simplest state of awareness. To support the mind in this open state, the body must be relaxed and flexible. Without stored stress, the aging process cannot gain a foothold. Thus, the most natural and easy experience anyone can have is that of timeless mind and ageless body.

     You are also given two audio files for healing and activating your DNA.


 Part F: Resurrecting Your Soul

 Meeting 33: Your Soul Is Your Spiritual Body

In our civilization the soul has no function because it hasn’t been successfully defined. We can resurrect the soul from its dormant state by turning the tables: Instead of defining the soul first and asking what it does later, why not look at the need the soul fulfills first and worry about a strict definition later?

     The main thing your soul does is that it connects you to God. In a sense the soul is like a step-down transformer. The ultimate spiritual power can’t surge directly into you and me without harm. It must be stepped down and adapted to human life. The soul exists to perform that function.

     The soul serves to get us past the blocks put up by materialism. The obstacle put up by science is that everything must be material. The soul can be mapped, even though it is invisible. The human body is a complex system of energy and awareness, and the soul can be defined as a subtler version of those two ingredients. Functioning as your spiritual body, the soul generates and organizes the energy of love, the energy of compassion, the awareness of truth, the awareness of creativity and intelligence. In that way it fulfills needs that are just as basic as the need of the physical body for food and oxygen.

     The soul can bring even more of God into the human realm. The existence of great minds, of geniuses, indicates that human potential can reach amazing heights. Why and how did their souls step down so that so much potential still came through, while for other people the step-down yields barely a trickle?

     The answer lies at the level of the soul. Any limitation of the mind can be traced back to distortions of energy at a subtle level, the level of the soul.

     A clear path to your soul is available, but drastically new thinking is required, that isn’t bound by the flawed materialism of science.


 Meeting 34: In Your Life: Guided by the Soul

Your inner guide is always with you. Every desire pushes you in a certain direction. Every thought looks forward or backward. Anyone who has a purpose in life, even if that purpose is limited to getting through the day, is following their own inner guidance. The real issue is how wise this guidance is. Your soul has the potential to be a perfect guide. You must first attune your mind to a subtler level, and then your brain will adapt – this is the flow of life that governs all change. Being guided is a process, and at this moment you find yourself somewhere – the beginning, middle, or end – of that process.


 Meeting 35: There’s an Easier Way to Live

Connecting with your soul is as easy as breathing, and just as natural. Actually it is easier than whatever you are doing right now. It takes effort to keep your soul at a distance. When you stop struggling, the path to the soul is automatic. Everything you want to achieve will naturally unfold.

     The body is aware. By tuning in to it, you can increase its awareness. Tuning in is also how you clear a channel to the soul. You are tuning in to your soul any time you choose to grow and expand.

     Higher awareness reaches into everyday life in some ways. Life has hidden patterns that awaken in much the same way that a dormant gene will suddenly become activated. Out of the blue you have a realization, and in a moment your whole life can change. Changing the trajectory of your life is a process that unfolds according to its own rhythm and timing. The significant feature of any turning point is that the meaning of life changes. And when it does, the change can be stunningly drastic. If the meaning of life shifts profoundly, higher awareness has reached into your life from the level of the soul.


 Meeting 36: In Your Life: Creating Your Own Epiphany

It’s unfortunate that the word epiphany is limited to a religious context. An epiphany is really a mini-breakthrough. One piece of conditioning is shattered. Instead of being the victim of a rigid belief, you feel released. What causes such a mini-breakthrough? You have to shift your attention to the soul, because that is the aspect of yourself that is not conditioned. The soul represents higher awareness in that sense – it is free from all conditioning. To put it most simply, the soul never says no. Anything is possible. Whatever can be imagined comes true. If you can keep your attention on your soul, you will experience an epiphany every day. Instead of no, you will experience unlimited yes.

     It takes mini-breakthroughs to get past the power of no because there is so much negativity to overcome in so many areas. But in each area the same principle holds: to make life easier, you need to stop doing whatever it is that you are doing. If you were doing the right thing, you would be in contact with your soul already, and your life would be unfolding, day by day, on the principle of yes. So you have to stop what you’re doing and shake things up.

     Today we look at the specific areas where the power of no needs to be dislodged. 


 Meeting 37: Be as Boundless as Your Soul

It takes a major breakthrough to get beyond all boundaries. We are so used to thinking in limited terms that eve4n the soul has become limited. It has become a thing, an object that just happens to be invisible. Most cultures have legends about losing one’s soul, selling it to the devil, or having demons run away with it. We need to find an alternative idea, because as soon as souls can be lost or saved, blessed or condemned, they become objects. The time has come to make a breakthrough and treat the soul as it really is.

     In place of a soul that you own, which is mythical, there’s an unbounded soul that exists everywhere. The soul is primarily a link to the infinite. It consists of pure awareness, the raw stuff from which all your thoughts, sensations, wishes, dreams, and visions are made. The influence of the soul permeates all of creation. The unbounded soul flows in, around, and through you. Indeed, it is the real you because it’s your source.

     When you give up the idea of “my soul”, you can participate in an unbounded creation.  Countless people don’t realize that such a choice exists. Many more wouldn’t choose an unbounded life if it was offered. Living within boundaries offers a sense of security. So long as you cling to anything by saying “mine”, you can’t be free. Your soul isn’t a thing you can cling to and make you own. The mystery, of the unbounded soul is wrapped up in those two issues: how much you want to be free, and how to let go. Living from the level of the soul is impossible without letting go.

     Letting go is achieved not by condemning what’s bad in yourself and throwing it away, but by a process that brings opposites together. Your ego must see that it belongs to the same reality as your soul. It needs to find so much in common with your soul that it lets go of its selfish agenda in favor of a better way of life.


Meeting 38: In Your Life: “You’re Not Me”

Life brings many situations where letting go isn’t easy. Fortunately, there’s one strategy that always works. Instead of focusing on your reaction in the moment, step back and reassert who you really are. The real you has no agenda. It lives in the present. It responds to life openly.

     In this session you learn how to avoid a conditioned response, how to put the ego on notice that you’ve seen through its game, and you call upon your real self to help you. If your soul is the real you, then it possesses the power to transform you, once you open yourself to it. As an effect, you respond from the soul level.

     As soon as you put your ego on a halt, you’ll learn four steps you need to take, that allow your soul to bring in a new response.


Meeting 39:  The Universe Evolves Through You

It takes a breakthrough to reveal how precious you really are. Almost no one believes that he or she is absolutely necessary in the grand scheme of things. Yet if you are the growing tip of evolution, the universe needs you in a unique way. You fit into a plan that cannot be imagined in advance. It has no rigid guidelines, no fixed boundaries and no predictable outcome. The plan is made up as it goes along, and it depends on the participation of each and every person.

     Knowing how things work is important. Otherwise, learned helplessness creeps up on us. Without a sense of purpose, we resort to helplessness, since either God isn’t there or he doesn’t care what happens to us. To escape our learned helplessness, we have to sense that we matter in the larger scheme of things.

     Our purpose is hidden from us, yet there are moments when we see that everything fits together. It would help a great deal to know what the overall plan is. Otherwise we are left to observe a collection of individuals, each of whom is groping for purpose and catching glimpses of it far too rarely.

     The plan for the unfolding universe stands right before us, even though we fail to see it. We’re blind to it because the plan is us. To make it personal, you are the cosmic plan – or the divine plan, if you prefer. There are no rules outside your mid, no actions outside your body. Whatever you choose to do, the plan bends to accommodate. Ultimately, to discover your purpose comes down to discovering who you really are.

     The cosmic plan that was built into you follows certain guidelines. At every level, Nature follow these guidelines. They are invisible. They exist only in consciousness. You can become aware of the plan if you choose, and then the universe acquires a new face.


 Meeting 40: In Your Life: Core Participation

As with any game, once you’re in the game of life, you should play to win. You must commit yourself from your very core. Knowing the guidelines of the divine plan gives you an enormous advantage in this regard. Not knowing them is like playing a game whose rules are revealed one at a time, and only when you break them. Life works that way for most people. They discover how to live by trial and error.

     Between having no rules and imposing rigid ones, the universe has left room for dynamic guidelines that impose the least restraint on free will. To participate fully, each guideline allows for maximum achievement. Achievement doesn’t mean material success. It means fully understanding how consciousness works.

     There are particular tactics to practice. These tactics have one thing in common. They are in accord with the invisible plan that underlies everyone’s life. But because participation is voluntary, there’s a sharp contrast between people who align themselves with the plan and those who don’t


 Part G: Food As Information

 Meeting 41: Food As Information

Despite being the condition for the possibility of all life itself, food is rarely appreciated for its true power. Far beyond its conventionally defined role as a source of energy and as building blocks for the body-machine, fascinating new discoveries on the frontiers of science reveal that food is also a powerful source of information.

     An extremely important element is the role of water in food. Not only has water been found to carry energy and information, but water has also been identified an instrument of biosemiosis. The water component of food, therefore, could contribute biologically important information – even genetic and epigenetically meaningful information.


 Part H: Timeless Life

 Meeting 42: Timeless Life

 The deepest reality you are aware of is the one from which you draw your power. For someone who is conscious only of the material world, power is limited to material forces; but at a more profound level there is a creative power shaping mind and body – the power of evolution or dharma. To get in touch with the core of life, you have to get in touch with the creative power of the universe. The power expresses itself through your personal creativity. When you are in the field of creativity, you lose track of time. Only the flow exists.

    There are three forces pervading all life: creation, maintenance, and destruction. Even though each life span unfolds in a sequence over time, the three forces themselves exist simultaneously. This three-in-one intelligence is what you are trying to affect when you consciously shape your life; it is up to you which aspect -creation, maintenance, or destruction – is most dominant. Because you have the power to shift the balance of forces, you are above and beyond them.

     As long as creation dominates your existence, you will keep growing and evolving. Evolution thwarts entropy, decay, and aging.

     You are asked to do an exercise, titled: “Creative Action Plan”. This exercise gives you a way to open some space for growth in your life, and the more consciously you follow it, the more unlimited the growth will be.


Meeting 43: Review - Q&A