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                          “THE SECRET ALCHEMY OF FOOD”

                      Cooking At The Dawn of the Akashic Age


The Program

“The Secret Alchemy of Food” is a culinary gateway that will open your eyes to the remarkable link between physical sustenance and spiritual awakening. While there are original recipes and directions for making tantalizing meals, there is also ancient wisdom, practical advice, personal anecdotes, magical enchantments, and radiant ceremonies and rituals, which are all intended to help you live deliciously and invite Spirit into your life.

     What you eat and how you eat can make an enormous difference in your spiritual path. In this webinar you’ll discover how to

·         channel the sparkling life-force energy of the Universe into your food to make it both sacred and lusciously vibrant


·         increase the vibration of the food you eat to heighten conscious awareness


·         use food to open your chakras; trigger past-life memories with aroma; invite fairies and angels for dinner; travel through time and space from the comfort of your dining table


·         create feasts to activate abundance, success, and love


·         …plus much more!


“The Secret Alchemy of Food” is an extraordinary webinar, where you will learn little-known secrets about the food you eat and how it can mystically transform your life!

          There are many paths to the top of the mountain of spiritual awareness, and many are arduous and hard; however, you don’t need to suffer to grow. Your approach to food can be a wondrous catalyst to reaching the peak where the view is rarefied and glorious. You can grow heaps and bounds amid the joy and celebration of creating magical meals. 

          My fervent desire is that, as a result of your participating in this seminar, a portal opens for you to embark on the sacred journey from nourishment to nirvana. May you not only create meals and dining experiences that empower all aspects of your life, but may your magical meals bring people together in a spirit of love, connection, and transformation… for this, after all, is the secret alchemy of food.


(Sessions: 38)




Meeting 1. Introduction: Embarking on your mystical culinary journey.

Food is more than just nutrients; it’s also swirling with life-force energy and consciousness. When we eat, we absorb that consciousness, and this makes a huge difference in our mission here on the planet. The enjoyment people feel when eating good food isn’t just from its taste and nutritive qualities or even the way it looks on the plate, but also it’s from its energetic properties. As food passes from farmer, to cook, to dinner plate, it continues to grow and change on a spiritual and energetic level.

     What you eat and how you eat can make an enormous difference in your spiritual path. Cooking is both an artistic and meditative endeavor. You’ll experience cooking in new and exciting ways, and dine as never before.

     There are many paths to the top of the mountain of spiritual awareness, and many are arduous and hard. However, you don’t need to suffer to grow. Your approach to food can be a wondrous catalyst to reaching the peak where the view is rarefied and glorious. You can grow heaps and bounds amid the joy and celebration of creating magical meals.



Meeting 2. Eating Your Way to a Deliciously Enlightened Life (A)

When we think of a spiritual path, we often envision meditation, yoga, fasting, chanting, or prayer. We don’t usually consider our everyday meals as a potential gateway to mystical transformation. Yet the food you eat and your approach to it can be one of the most powerful pathways to spiritual renewal. When you take the time to tune in and connect with the vast array of energy fields within your meal magic happens.

     In our Western culture there’s a belief that we’re separate from the world around us. We’ve forgotten that we’re connected with a living, pulsating universe. The understanding that you are not separate from the energy of your food (or the world around you) allows you to step into the realm in which everything has consciousness, including your food. You then discover how to interface with the soul of the meals that you eat… which can be a profound and majestic experience.


Meeting 3. Eating Your Way to a Deliciously Enlightened Life (Β)

Your subconscious thoughts, beliefs, associations, and emotions dramatically influence the vibrational energy of what you eat, and, in turn, your food then affects you accordingly. Without being consciously aware of it, every time you choose to eat one thing over another, or find yourself making a judgement about a particular kind of food, you may have activated a behavioral conditioned response that is strongly rooted in your subconscious. Much of the way you relate to food has to do with the way you were conditioned as a child by your family, your religion, your society, your culture, and even by your ancestors. These food associations and beliefs run so deep that they can even radiate beyond mealtimes and positively (or negatively) impact all aspects of your life.



Meeting 4. Eating Your Way to a Deliciously Enlightened Life (C)

The foods you love, abhor, and even are allergic to can be a conduit for uncovering hidden memories from your recent past, your previous incarnations, or even your ancestral history. Acknowledging the connection between your food and your far past can be healing and empowering.

     Your past lives can have a profound influence on your relationship with food. In many ways, the decisions you made in your distant past control your current life. Because of this, you can use your knowledge of a particular past life to work through present-day issues surrounding food and health.

     One of the ways to discover the past lives that may be affecting you is to do a past-life regression, but another way is to look for clues.



Meeting 5. Spiritual food for spiritual breakthroughs (A)

There’s a powerful yearning for a direct experience of the sacred. For many there’s a deep desire to connect with what is authentic and real and to reach into hallowed realms for answers to the great questions of life. There’s a thirst for wisdom beyond ordinary reality.

     In order for your spirit to shine bright and bold, it’s valuable to clear emotional blockages from your energy field. One of the ways to use food to do this and facilitate spiritual revelations is merely a matter of understanding the power of scent and the way the brain works.


Meeting 6. Spiritual food for spiritual breakthroughs (B)

Eating fills our base need for sustenance, but at the same time, it can be a gateway for mystical transformations. But it’s not just what you eat that makes a difference; it’s how you eat that can be a pathway to enlightenment.

     Savoring the way you approach your food and deeply enjoying its textures, flavors, and aromas can open the door for miracles to abound. No matter what you eat, it’s vital to eat what you love and love what you eat. Your body knows how you feel about your food and will metabolize it differently based on your mood and your feelings about what you’re injesting.


Meeting 7. Spiritual food for spiritual breakthroughs (C)

The colors of the foods you eat have a compelling impact on your life. Color can dramatically affect your emotions, your demeanor, and even how much you eat. To understand how to transform your life using color alchemy, it’s valuable to learn a bit about the nature of color. In no small way, understanding the secret alchemy of color nutrition will have a profound impact on your well-being. To enhance your life, eat a colorful diet for both nutritional and metaphysical purposes. Color alchemy works exceedingly well if you hold the intent, as you’re eating a food of a particular color, that the associated qualities of the color are being absorbed into your body.



Meeting 8. Infusing food with spirit: Raising your consciousness one bite at a time (A)

At some point in your life, it’s likely that a food (or the act of preparing it) has move you in a powerful way. And if it hasn’t, it’s never too late. Almost always the food that fills you with joy, ignites a feeling of sacredness, or moves you in any number of ways is infused with Spirit. Food that’s grown with love and gratitude will taste of love and gratitude. Food that’s cooked with intention will taste of that intention. And food that’s consumed with reverence will taste of reverence. With an open heart, a prayer of thanks, or a heartfelt song, a meal can transform from something ordinary into a powerful – and sometimes even spiritual – experience.


Meeting 9. Infusing food with spirit: Raising your consciousness one bite at a time (B)

An enchantment is a kind of magical spell. It may be directed to a specific food, your entire meal, or your gathering of guests. This is not simply fiction. You can cast a spell and invite magic in your meals. With the enchantments you learn here, you won’t be turning your prized pumpkin into a coach to get to the ball, as in the Cinderella fairy tale. However, you can certainly enchant a meal and gathering to uplift it to a magical and majestic level.

     One of the fastest ways to empower your food is to play music while you’re preparing your meal. The vibration of the music will literally impact the vibration of the molecules of the food. When you play music over your food, it can have a powerful impact on your meal. It’s a kind of mystical molecular gastronomy.

     You can use crystals to charge and energize your food. Your personal crystal will magnify your intentions, so it can be used to infuse positive thoughts, feelings, and emotions into your food. Crystals can also be added to your drinking water to supercharge it.


Meeting 10. Infusing food with spirit: Raising your consciousness one bite at a time (C)

One of the mystical qualities of wine is its ability to take in energy and magnify it. Not only will wine easily absorb the energy you infuse into it, but also it holds that energy for decades.

     From Ancient Egypt to the modern life of today, anecdotal evidence suggests that the pyramid has healing properties. As long as the dimensions are right, even the smallest pyramid seems to work to preserve food.



Meeting 11. Discover your inner mystic chef: Alchemical cooking (A)

It is possible to transform something common into something special. By taking ordinary ingredients and imbuing them with energy, food can be a conduit for a spiritual awakening and an alchemical transformation of the soul.

     In this chapter, you’ll gain many of the tools you’ll need to become a Mystic Chef. In this session you’ll be guided through a multistep process to learn to cook using your intuition. In addition you’ll discover how to make meals that lead to states of nirvana.


Meeting 12.  Discover your inner mystic chef: Alchemical cooking (B)

There are many reasons why people will be drawn to being a chef, but most certainly one of the reasons is because their soul is nudging them to it. On the deepest level, your soul knows what will serve and support your spiritual evolution, and for some people, cooking can fulfill a yearning that religion and even spiritual practice doesn’t seem to fill. The true gift of cooking as a spiritual calling is that the sustenance that’s provided for others ultimately cycles back to the giver. What you give out with a pure heart comes back tenfold.


Meeting 13. Discover your inner mystic chef: Alchemical cooking (C)

Do you want to have a spicy, passionate, mystical life? You might consider spicing up your life with spices. Even though in our current times spices are simply flavorings, as you step into the realm of the Mystic Chef, you can tune in to a spice to invoke its secret alchemical power. In ancient times, it was believed that each one had a hidden mystical quality that could be ignited by those who knew how to communicate with it. Activate this potent energy, and your life will be filled with delicious spice alchemy. Your cooking will go from delicious to transformative.


Meeting 14. Discover your inner mystic chef: Alchemical cooking (D)

Slowing down is the final step in connecting with your inner Mystic Chef and engaging the ancient art of alchemical spiritual cooking. By slowing down, you open your heart so that Spirit may work through you to infuse everything you touch with potent life-force energy.

     You incarnated onto this planet with a mission. There is indeed a reason you’re here, and part of your journey while you’re in this physical realm is to experience life to the fullest and to listen to the messages of your soul. To connect even more intimately with your purpose in being here on Earth, spend time in an unhurried manner. As you slow down, remarkable insights will wash over you. When you cook or eat slowly and methodically, you’re living in the present moment. It’s in these times when you’re truly experiencing “now” that you’re most open to hearing the truth of your soul.



Meeting 15. Sacred Space: Energizing your dining experience (A)

True mystical cooking not only includes understanding the subtle energies within each part of the meal you prepare, but also it includes a wise comprehension of the energy of the rooms where you cook and dine, and the people with whom you share your meals. To elevate your dining experience from the mundane act of fueling your body to a delicious moment of enlightenment, it’s beneficial to spend time creating sacred space in your kitchen and dining room. In this session you’ll learn how to make and use a kitchen altar.


Meeting 16. Sacred Space: Energizing your dining experience (B)

Consider getting rid of any clutter in your kitchen to make room for the vibrant, sacred energy you’re inviting into your cooking space. Clutter clearing is a kind of modern-day alchemy. It’s one of the fastest ways to completely transform your life, and often works in seemingly magical and mystical ways.

     Feng shui is the ancient practice of positioning furniture and objects within a home to allow for maximum flow of life-force energy, which in turn leads to increase harmony and well-being. When the kitchen energies are balanced, harmony radiates into all aspects of life.


Meeting 17. Sacred Space: Energizing your dining experience (C)

When we enter a space, we not only react to the style of the furnishings and colors we find there, but also we perceive the energy surrounding us. Positive energy makes us feel good. Negative energy brings us down. Space clearing offers a simple and highly effective way to turn the latter into the former. It can turn a depressing place into a haven of beauty, harmony, and effervescent joy. To create a mystical, magical, even legendary meal, it’s valuable to space clear your kitchen and dining area.


Meeting 18. Sacred Space: Energizing your dining experience (D)

Grace is the name given to prayers of gratitude said before a meal, and the “giving of grace” before a meal is our earliest form of worship. In the deepest sense, prayers said before meals can be a powerful pathway to self-awareness and even spiritual transcendence.

     Your dining experience can be greatly enhanced by the mystical alchemy of music. By choosing tunes that match and enhance the vibration of the food, you can create magical meals that transcend the simple act of eating.


Meeting 19. Sacred Space: Energizing your dining experience (E)

Employing the qualities of generosity, graciousness, and reverence, hospitality is much more than being kind to house-guests. It’s a gateway to a deeper understanding of the Divine. It’s a spiritual power that binds families together and makes friends out of enemies. It’s a practice that can indeed profoundly deepen your connection with the Creator and enhance your dining experience. At its core, hospitality is a transformative practice. It can change you, and it can heal you.



Meeting 20. Cooking up magic! (A)

Let’s cook up some magic! Magic is everywhere. It’s in the air we breathe and in the food we eat. It’s simply a matter of being open to it. The first step in cooking up magic is procuring a Mystical Apron. The Mystic Chef has an apron and in this session we create one. It is your magic charm, and cooking with love is your superpower. You can also use mealtimes to manifest your deepest desires. Simply by applying the law of attraction, you can create transformational meals that shift the energy of circumstances or events in your life. In this session you create a meal to invite abundance.


Meeting 21. Cooking up magic! (B)

Everything on the planet is affected by the four elements. Without them, there wouldn’t be the solid ground beneath our feet, the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the fire that keeps us warm. We depend on the elements for survival. For harmonious balance, our soul must also be in alignment with the deeper energy of the elements. If you want to bring balance to all areas of your life, create a meal in which each course is dedicated to one of the four elements. These meals can be powerful, so be aware of the emotions, images, and memories that arise.


Meeting 22. Cooking up magic! (C)

Every season is filled with its own majesty that brings wholeness to life. However, most of us are no longer connected to the seasons as our ancestors were. We live in a time of plenty, but by not participating in the seasons on a soul level, we’re bereft of the natural waxing and waning of life. However, by eating in alignment with the individual energy of each season, you can connect more deeply with these powerful natural energies… and as a result, you’ll notice the creases in life begin to smooth. Each season has a unique energy, and you can call upon the energy of the seasons to initiate shimmering life-force energy.


Meeting 23. Cooking up magic! (D)

Your body has seven energy centers called chakras, which are of vital importance to your overall health. Each chakra, represented by a different color, reflects an aspect of your consciousness and is connected to a part of your body. Energy flows from one chakra frequency to another, in spiraling fashion, along your spine to the top of your head. When these energy centers flow smoothly, you feel vital and healthy. But when they’re blocked, you can feel off balance. The kind of food you eat, as well as its color, can raise the vibration of your chakras.


Meeting 24. Cooking up magic! (E)

You might not consciously remember your past lives… but your taste buds do. When you try new foods, not only can they potentially activate subliminal memories of your previous incarnations, but also you can use food to consciously call forth your past lives. Simply by eating the cuisine of an area you’re drawn to (with the intention of discovering a past life), you can open the gateway to distant memories. A past-life meal can be like a time machine that allows you to travel back and experience the tastes, scents, and flavors of another lifetime.


Meeting 25. Cooking up magic! (F)

It’s possible to have a delightful, magical evening with your angel friends… real angels. You can indeed share a meal with angels, fairies, spirit guides, or possibly even a deceased loved one. The Spirit realm is simply a thought away, and it’s completely possible to have spiritual beings join you around your dining table. These meals may be some of the most magical evenings you’ll ever enjoy, and the Mystic Chef is always ready for celestial guests!


Meeting 26. Cooking up magic! (G)

Your dreams are trying to tell you something… and your dreams about food are no exception. You can use your dreams to help you cook up magic during your waking hours. Since the dawn of time, dream travelers have slipped through the crack between the two worlds in their night hours to touch the reaches of inner space and hear the secret messages from Spirit. In our culture, for the most part, dreams are considered unimportant. However, just a small amount of time spent on dream exploration can deepen your spiritual journey and spice up your culinary adventures. You can even use dreams to get recipes from Spirit!



Meeting 27. Legendary meals to expand spiritual consciousness (A)

A legendary meal is more than simply good food. It’s a profound experience that ignites all the senses and expands consciousness by increasing your awareness of other realms, cultures, and times in history. A legendary meal combines the knowledge and skills you’ve gained throughout these zoom meetings to catapult your dining experience into an even higher dimension. These epic feasts will awaken your spirituality and invite magic and mystery into your life. They take you beyond the confines of your home, and sometimes even beyond the confines of the earthly dimension. By engaging the senses and creating mysterious, sensual, mythical, and mystical meals, you’ll open the portal into otherworldly realms to expand your spiritual consciousness in a fun and whimsical way.


Meeting 28. Legendary meals to expand spiritual consciousness (B)

Eating with the senses is soulful and spiritual. The most pleasurable meals are often ones in which the senses are tantalized by an array of colors, sounds, textures, smells, and feelings. If you think back to some of your most powerful food memories, it’s likely that these experiences have stayed with you over the years because your senses were treated to intoxicating music and conversation, unforgettable flavors and textures, or unparalleled beauty both on the plate and around you.

     You can ignite all the senses during a meal to make it a powerful and spiritual experience. When you’re fully engaged with your senses, you’re in the present moment; nothing else exists but the here-and-now, which can lead to spiritual transcendence.


Meeting 29. Legendary meals to expand spiritual consciousness (C)

To further your journey as a Mystic Chef and heighten your senses, imagine you are enveloped in darkness while having a delicious meal. In this absolute darkness you’re unable to see what you have just tasted, but your tongue is overwhelmed with sweet, salty, sour, creamy, rich spicy tastes. A few people say food doesn’t taste as flavorful when they don’t have visual cues to tell them what to expect; however, many others contend that when vision is removed from the dining experience, their sense of taste and smell are much more acute. By dining in the dark, not only are you tapping into your inner resources and giving rise to your other senses, but also you’re sharing in the experience of the sight-impaired, which will expand your understanding and solidarity with people of different abilities. Additionally, it activates your sixth sense and your psychic perception to be able to tune in to the meal without use of your sight.


Meeting 30. Legendary meals to expand spiritual consciousness (D)

Zen meditation is a way of obtaining deep inner peace or nirvana. Since the primary focus of Zen meditation is being still and clearing your mind, meals tend to be quite simple. The term “Zen meal” has been expanded in Western culture to mean any kind of simple meal, but a true Zen meal, in addition to being simple and elegant, should include an element of reflection and mindfulness. A Zen meal is one in which not only the meal is simple and prepared in a mindful way, but also every aspect of the preparation, from shopping and cooking to setting the table and eating, is done slowly, methodically, and with consciousness. To create a Zen meal, you might want to consider playing soft, slow Zen shakuhachi flute music to help you slow way down.

     To the ancient Native American, all life was sacred. A gathering to share a meal was considered a way to honor Spirit. This Legendary Meal honors this hallowed tradition and allows the qualities of nobility, grace, and wisdom to expand within you.


Meeting 31. Legendary meals to expand spiritual consciousness (E)

Although we tend to think of eating outdoors as something casual like an afternoon picnic or a backyard barbecue, it can also be a sacred feast. A gentle breeze on your cheek, the warm of a sunbeam, or the feeling of soft moss beneath your feet can invite Spirit in magical ways that can only be felt when you allow yourself to be in tune with the elements and in harmony with nature’s bounty.

     Eating in nature is deeply rooted in our cultural psyche. Dining on Mother Earth’s table connects us to our ancient ancestors who built community while eating together in nature. It can also be a way to connect to the energy of the land. When planning the menu for this feast, consider choosing foods that invoke the complementary energies of Mother Earth and Father Sky. Prepare a meal that represents both the energies of heaven and earth.


Meeting 32. Legendary meals to expand spiritual consciousness (F)

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have lunch with Zeus, tea with Merlin, or perhaps even toasted marshmallows from the fiery breath of a dragon? Create a mythic meal, and the veil between these realities will thin, and you’ll step into a mythic dimension where dragons, wizards, gods, and goddesses roam. Who knows what inner vistas you will activate. By connecting more deeply with this mythic world, you’ll be expanding your spiritual awareness of the magic that’s around and within you, even though you can’t always see it. Allow your imagination free rein to create a mythic meal of epic proportion.


Meeting 33. Legendary meals to expand spiritual consciousness (G)

Magic is in the air, and a Mystical Meal can invite that energy into your home. Simply by dedicating your meal to opening etheric doors, you can transverse from this reality to another.

     In our Western culture, we must see something before we believe in it. But what if you must first believe in something to truly experience it? The realms of Avalon, Shambala, and even Atlantis must first be believed in and then – and only then – can you touch the magical. A mystical meal will allow you to gain entrance into these realms. Whether you believe there are otherworldly realms or not, you can still create their innate energy at your dining table. In the same way that people travel long distances to theme parks and the world’s seven wonders to experience life out of the ordinary, you can do this simply with a little creative imagination.


Meeting 34. Legendary meals to expand spiritual consciousness (H)

In past times, long before printed books and, of course, before radio, television, or the Internet, people told stories around the fire while they ate. While friends and family dined, the storyteller regaled them with tales of morality or adventure and heroism. Some were based on real events, and some were wild stories of fantasy. But the binding weave between all these yarns through history was that these stories made mealtimes an adventure and brought families together. In many ways, we’ve replaced the flickering light of the tribal fire with the flickering light of television as the place where the family gathers to eat and be entertained, but there is less engagement with each other. However, you can change that. Bring glee and delight to your dining experience with a storybook meal, and activate your imagination in the process.



Meeting 35. More than meets the eye: Organic, free range, local, sustainable… Oh my! (A)

Every day we’re faced with decisions about the food we consume. Nearly everyone has a theory about what’s the healthiest and tastiest way to live, but hardly anyone agrees. Despite the best of intentions, it’s possible to become somewhat evangelical once we’ve bought into a certain belief system about food. There can be a tendency to think about our food choices so much that we forget what’s at the heart of a good meal. It’s about breaking bread with others, nourishing our body and spirit, and enjoying the sensuous pleasures of being human. To eat well is to eat good food – food that is grown, raised, and prepared with love and care – and enjoy the experience one bite at a time.


Meeting 36. More than meets the eye: Organic, free range, local, sustainable… Oh my! (B)

Organic, free range, local, and sustainable are fairly new words in our collective food vocabulary. Up until a few generations ago, the majority of food available was all of these things. It wasn’t until the advent of mechanized farm machinery, refrigerated trucking, and large corporations taking over small family-run farms that these words entered the vernacular and came to be understood as something new, different, expensive, and in many instances, reserved for the elite.


Meeting 37. More than meets the eye: Organic, free range, local, sustainable… Oh my! (C)

The full extent of the toll that GMOs will take on our health and well-being has yet to be discovered, though the current statistics on the role they’re playing in our epidemic of food allergies is pretty staggering. If you’re interested in your own health and well-being and that of the planet, we urge you to do what you can to stop GMOs before it’s too late.

     As a result of our consolidated food systems, food is not as nutritious today as it was in 1940 or even in 1975. Until we succeed in turning back the clock to the point when we can buy food that contains all the nutrition we need, you may want to supplement your diet with vitamins, herbs, and minerals. Or try experimenting with your cooking to add flavorful fresh herbs to favorite dishes. There are many clever ways to increase the nutrition of stand by recipes and boost their restorative and healing powers.


 Meeting 38. Afterword – Review - Discussion