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“Journey to a New Wellness Story”, 10 Steps to Enhance Health and Longevity

      We each have a life story, but what can we do to change it for the better? “Journey for a New Wellness Story” will inspire you to tap into your unconscious mind to access your innate power to change Your Story. Change Your Life. We are here to create change in the world!!

“Journey for a New Wellness Story” is an online practical guide to personal transformation.  It has been developed for seekers of psychological and spiritual growth.

We approach health and wellness from a revolutionary perspective. That of the new thought that results from quantum physics.  Viewed from a holistic perspective, our physical health reflects our health on other levels. The lives we live determine our well-being. But the lives we live are a reflection of the stories we write. In order to live healthy and harmonious lives we start by writing a new life story.

The principles we’ll discuss are fundamental to all growth, change, and success. So I encourage you to apply them for success on any level you currently consider a priority.

The program integrates current research in healthcare, neuroscience, and strategic coaching, combined with energy psychology technics as well as esoteric practices to inform applications for success.

The process of change itself must be addressed in an informed and systematic way. Intentions need a strategy and plan. You will learn a proven system of transformation for lasting lifestyle change.  

“Journey for a New Wellness Story” is the antidote to average. Investing in a program like this is investing in knowledge.  It is delivered through live webinars, and you take part in real time sessions. Throughout the program I stand on your side, guiding you to connect to your genius and become your highest version. We build a community, a tribe, our sangha and share knowledge, experience and vision. Exercises and personal editing steps take you on a journey of self-discovery, ultimately leading to personal freedom. I will teach you to listen to and play the music of your lives and with perseverance, reach for those stars and believe that you can rewrite your story. We will work on the exercises during the live sessions together. Then you work on different practices as homework. 

At the end of the program you will be ready to live a life that honors your true skills, potentials, and spiritual purpose.  This is a program for individuals who wish to live an informed life and claim a purposeful future.

“Journey for a New Wellness Story” bridges quantum science and spirituality and generates the pathways to self-realization.

The program consists of 19 modules, 67 sessions - each session lasts 3 hours. In each and every session all attendants participate actively. So, in order for you to benefit the most from the program, the number of spots available is very limited. 

“Journey for a New Wellness Story” is the foundation program for “Beyond Illusion Project” programs that follow. 

For information about the program visit our blog:

You can contact me by email: or through the contact for on our blog.

During the program you will:

  • Learn how to master-plan a specific, step-wise wellness program.
  • Apply strategies to make changes more quickly.
  • Use latest research from psychology and neuroscience to boost your efforts.
  • Break through obstacles to achieve lasting lifestyle change.
  • Apply exercises and work tools that systematically structure action steps for change.
  • Use the power of images and waking dreaming to tap into your intuitive power and navigate from your sacred purpose.
  • Use the power of your imagination to transform fear and anger into heart-centered energy, thereby liberating yourself from the rule of habit.
  • Apply esoteric practices that will allow you to unlock your mind’s transformative and intuitive powers.
  • Practice meditation techniques that will help you cultivate presence, watching, inner calm, and peace in the midst of chaos. 
  • Learn a way of being with yourself and with life, which you can return to at any time.
  • Use the power of imagery to change your past.
  • Go beyond personal life experiences to the source to rework your story.
  • Use energy psychology techniques to release obstacles in the form of habits of resistance that inhibit your creativity.
  • Learn a simple method, which is highly effective for dissolving stuck positions on things, brings you back to being spacious, and restores freedom of choice.


Module 1: Introduction and The Wellness Revolution 

(sessions 2)

The importance of Wellness Coaching as a preventive approach is emphasized, as healthcare costs stem from preventable diseases. Furthermore, stress is number-one reason behind absenteeism from work and undermines work productivity.  Most diseases and all chronic diseases are caused by stress and are preventable.  A clear, specific, step-wise program for change and an accountability partner who is an expert at change is what people need to help them to write a new Wellness Story.  We present arguments for why pursuing wellness on all levels of mind, body, and spirit, by writing a new life story emanates from the paradigm of quantum physics.

Module 1 includes 2 meditation practices that will help you cultivate presence, watching, inner calm, and peace in the midst of chaos.

Module 2: The Power of Story

(sessions 3)

A story is a system for holding together facts.  A story makes things make sense. Each of us has a personal story with a plot and storylines.  Our beliefs and assumptions ghostwrite that story. They tell us what to look for and how to perceive and process experiences.  We believe and remember only that which fits our plot.  We see things as WE are.  We see what we believe.  And we’re always right – because we write the story.  The story we write can define possibility and reality. We tell our story. Then our story tells us.  So important are the stories we write. Yet we resist changing a story that doesn’t work.  We are always loyal to the plot of our lives, as being in new territory, developing a new story, creates anxiety.

Module 3: Step 1. Own Authorship of Your Story

(sessions 2)

The 1st step to achieve optimal health and wellness is to recognize authorship of your story. Ownership is the antithesis of denial, rationalization, excuses, and blaming. But the story closest to you, your won is the most difficult to know. In Module 3 we examine three principles in recognizing authorship.  You learn to recognize the basic themes of your life plot.  Identifying all the layers of the story you have created one by one, you are left with the space to create a new story. 

Module 3 includes one practice that invites you to ask questions that you usually avoid.  In the end it will transform your relationship to your identity.

Module 4: Step 2. Own Your Story

(sessions 3)

Our beliefs generate the possibilities that we see. They influence how we perform and whether we achieve our goals.  Although not always conscious or even logical, we must recognize authorship and accept ownership of the beliefs and assumptions that write our stories.  Self-awareness is the ability to reflect on how we think and what we do.  With guidance we can learn to observe how we tend to gravitate towards certain patterns while ignoring others, thereby limiting “our reality”. We can create a new story – a new program for ourselves that is beyond past experiences.  Fundamental to any belief system is its point of reference.  To initiate change, you move your point of reference from external to internal.

In Module 4, by asking questions, you illuminate the story of your life, the plot and subplots, and assess whether the past lives on in the present, and whether the past ghostwrites some of the present. Observing and owning repetitions of themes and storylines allows you to understand your core assumptions that generate these repetitions.  You see what you believe and become it.

In Module 4, participants will work together, questioning their beliefs, thus relaxing the grip of their accumulated systems of belief and melting resistance.  They are given two practices in order to work precisely on this objective.

Module 5: The STOP! Game and the Beauty of Instincts

(sessions 3)

You will see how your inner vision of what is possible and available to you is clouded by your thwarted instincts, desires, expectations, claims, etc, which further contributes to narrowing the vision of your reality.

How does this work?  We mostly operate in the realm of instincts and emotions.  Emotions are reactions to thwarted instincts.  To reach the realm of response, which allows you to be open to the world as opposed to being reactive to it, you must begin setting up a “Life Plan”, which is a map of how you are presently behaving versus how you would prefer to behave in the future.  You start the process by playing the STOP! Game, which teaches you to mimic life by deliberately choosing to stop your untoward desires as they begin to manifest.  You will do this, not to punish yourself, but to redirect your energy into channels that are more conducive to your growth and happiness.

You are given a practice that will help you build awareness to the body, so that you can restore it to its natural capacity, to be a temple of presence.

Module 6: Step 4. Assess The Storylines and Plot

(sessions 4)

Ideals and needs are at the core of identity, part of the foundation of self. They form core themes of personal story plot.  Awareness of your unique blend of these elements will inform assessment of your present story and guide you in its revision.

Ideals are internal standards of excellence.  They serve as a personal model of value – an internal guide to purpose.  Living up to a personal, attainable ideal generates a sense of worth and esteem.  Failure to live up to an internal ideal produces a feeling of shame.

A need is an essential requirement, a necessity for mind, body, or spirit. An unmet need is the gap between an internal realistic standard, and reality. When you consistently meet your own needs, a sense of effectiveness and optimum functioning is the result.  Unmet, frustrated needs create discomfort. A need may be most obvious when it is not met.  Consider needs and ideals in decision making.

The exercises in Module 6 will help you distinguish your personal needs and ideals.  You will also start to listen to your self-statements and so find out what you believe about yourself and the world. You will understand conflicted and contradictory storylines that keep you trapped in your own recurring story. You will also start to listen to the language of your body.  You are given a practice where you will be asked to choose depth over pleasure.

Module 7: Step 6. Recognize Bell-Like Symptoms and Patterns

(sessions 3)

No matter our efforts to negate and repress our emotions and desires, in most cases it is not possible to run away forever.  The backed-up energy will eventually make its appearance in the form of disease.  Disease can manifest at the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels.

How can we get at the source? The effects or symptoms offer a way to enlighten us.  You can identify bell-like symptoms in others as well as yourself.  Repetitive behavior is such a symptom.

You are given a practice where you are asked to watch yourself for a few days to identify your repetitive patterns of behavior.

You will see how important pattern is. Where interaction exists, there is a pattern.  Pattern is the manifest form of relationships.  Pattern in the imagination is never static.  If it appears to be stagnant or repetitive, it means that its energy has gone dormant and that pattern has to be brought back to life.

You are given an activity where you are asked to turn inward and to the source of a personal failure.  By entering in, you are given permission to “see” and thus uncover a new and more effective way of dealing with an old personal problem.

In module 7, a number of practices invite you to welcome and fully feel your feelings, liberated from the hows and whys.  Sooner or later you will come to discover the greatest secret for yourself: there is no such thing as negative energy. Whatever is embraced becomes beautiful. Whatever is denied becomes ugly.

Module 8: Step 5. Decide What to Change in Your Story

(sessions 7)

You make your world fit into the story you are writing. Your story determines your future by predicting it.  You write your story, then your story shapes you.  Your life is the manifestation of your beliefs. Your 5th step on your journey is to decide what you want to change in your current story.  You are asked to evaluate storylines. Examples of storylines will show you how a belief can lead to behaviors.  Your job is to be aware of your narrative – of your story beneath the surface of your talk and action. You come to realize that you either create your reality or agree to it.  Then you are invited to make the changes you want in your story, and apply them consistently.  But changing behavior is difficult. You are given some principles for how your brain works, then you know what to do.  In order for you to be helped in deciding what to change in your story, you ask some people who know you well, to give you personal feedback and make suggestions.  Then you reflect on your story in order to revise what you decide is not a match to your new story.  To help you further with making changes, you are given some principles of change.

Module 9: Step 6. Map Changes in Your Story

(sessions 6)

Your 6th step on your journey consists of making changes on the map of your story.  To begin with, you are given 14 steps to edit your life story.  An important part of this task is for you to have a comprehensive discussion on each step.  You also learn six crucial elements to map change.  When you understand and incorporate each of the six, you have the outline to master your life story.  Module 9 includes a focus and visualization exercise and a 5 steps exercise to revise a storyline.  It also includes a Guided Visualization session on “Meeting Your Future Self”.

Module 10: Vision and Intent

(sessions 1)

We use the power of myth to awake you to the importance of you turning inside, tune to your source and see a blueprint of your inner structure that, when unfolded, reveals the true purpose of your being. That is the vision of what is true and meaningful for you in this life.  If you pay attention to your vision, your vision will drive you, against all odds, to your intent to make your dreams come true.  Time and space impose their own unfolding needs and necessities, so your will be challenged on every step.  You have to make the right choices along the way, be consistent with your decision to make your dream come true, and not allow to distractions take you off track.  Old tales tell us there is a pot of gold buried at the foot of the rainbow.  We can only reach the gold, the Source, if, having discarded all our “busy” dreams, we dare to walk the path of the rainbow. Our feelings are our compass to the dream of our soul.

In module 10 you are given a visual imagery to use in order to access your feelings that will take you to the treasure buried at the foot of the rainbow.

Module 11: Radical Releasing

(sessions 2)

We have already emphasized the fact that we can release most of the obstacles that appear to inhibit freedom. But there are some habits of resistance that go so deep in us, that no matter how hard we try, the habits persist.  In module 11 you are given a simple method, called Radical Releasing, which is highly effective for dissolving stuck position on things, brings us back to being spacious, and restores freedom of choice.  Radical Releasing is a tool for letting go of deeply rooted resistance.  It also effectively unblocks barriers to taking action in almost any area of life.

We share with you some of the basic principles that make Radical Releasing so effective.  Then you can enjoy the benefits of the technique.

Module 12: The Waking Dream

(sessions 2)

Even if you are propelled forward by a great dream or a prophetic vision and are thus compelled to accomplish your life plan, there are times when the wind drops and the energy goes out of the sails.  You find yourself at loose ends, depressed, anxious, or in a morass of indecision.  To cut the Gordian knot of your indecision, you learn to allow yourself to sink below your confusion into the dreaming world, where you will freely move about.  From this, your kavanah (your intent), if not your answer itself, will re-emerge in the free unfolding of images.  This process is called “Waking Dream”.

Module 12 includes guided exercises to help you inhabit your unease, explore your subconscious field through a waking dream, and address your unattended dream images.

Module 13: Step 7. Changing the Past

(sessions 4)

Again and again, you may find yourself, as we all do at one time or another, stymied by old patterns, buffeted by old emotions, or caught in old stories.  Until you are able to break your negative emotional chain, link by link, you will be governed by images of your past.

At some point, however, even your great dreams, prophetic visions, and experiences of the Waking Dream may not be able to help you to break away from your past.  In module 13 you learn practices specifically designed to help you change your emotional connections to the past. These are dreaming techniques for “Reversing the Past”.

Module 14: Introducing Energy Psychology

(sessions 5)

A brief introduction to Energy Psychology.  Energy Psychology has been called “acupressure for the emotions”.  It is a self-empowerment approach that draws from ancient spiritual practices and healing traditions.  It provides simple methods for shifting brain patterns that lead to unwanted thoughts, actions, and emotions, such as fear, anger, anxiety, jealousy, shame, and depression.  We apply Emotional Freedom Technic (EFT) or Tapping. By tapping energy points on the surface of the skin while focusing the mind on specific psychological problems or goals, the brain’s electrochemistry can be shifted to quickly help: overcome unwanted emotions, change unwanted habits and behaviors, enhance the ability to love, succeed, and enjoy life.

In module 14 you are provided with a fantastic visual representation, the Tapping Tree. It’s a wonderful tool you can use to find and systematically work through different issues, and current challenges.

Module 15: Step 8. Transmuting Emotions to Feelings

(sessions 10)

To finally and definitely transmute your nightmares and busy dreams into great dreams, you must anchor yourself in feeling, not in emotion.  This is work that must be continually perfected in order to avoid slipping back into old habits, in the same way that you must constantly fight gravity in order to avoid slumping.

In module 15 step 8, you learn distinguishing between emotions and feelings. Then you learn to identify your most frequently experienced emotion.  You become aware of your reactions.  You catch the emotion/reaction when it occurs.  You learn to create a “dreaming kavanah” and thus transmute the emotion into feeling.

Using EFT, you work through the two basic emotions: fear and anger. You learn how to truly let go through healing and releasing anger. Also how to overcome the fear of failure and the fear of success. Furthermore, you use tapping to heal and release patterns of guilt and shame.

Module 16: Step 9. Author New Experiences

(sessions 2)

We live our life according to our stories.  Our stories are the proverbial “box” of the familiar and accepted.  The result of programming and conditioning.  Most of the times our “box” limits us.  It becomes an obstacle.  But people are always free to change their minds, beliefs, and core assumptions.  To recognize yourself as the author, the creator of your story, challenges and assumed truths, design a new model that leads to the deeper question: “How do I create something else instead?” And, “What will the something else be?” Accept a new idea to generate a new dimension.

In module 16 you are given the principles for changing your story. These are: Awareness, Acceptance, Action. You learn how to set specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time-bound (SMART) goals and design strategies to pursue them.

Module 17: Step 10. Program New Experiences and Identity

(sessions 3)

Like in a business plan, in our lives a mission statement is a key tool. It captures, in a succinct concept, the essence of the business’ goals and the philosophies underlying them.  Create a personal mission statement.  What is your life purpose? What are you meant to do? This is the compass to guide your life story to personal fulfillment.  Then decide how you want to expand and pick success trails to follow.  To achieve a goal, you have to reprogram your automatic pilot, using affirmations.  Be consistent in practicing them.

In module 17 you are taught how to design affirmations for your goal. With affirmations you are challenging the core belief of your identity – of who you are. And… break out of your Comfort Zone! In module 17 you practice tapping to break out of the very common limiting beliefs from childhood around money.

Module 18: Addendum

(sessions 3)

In module 18 you are given additional ideas, reminders, and conclusions, such as: a list of things that are the inverse of conventional wisdom in writing a new story. Steps to ignite change. Caveats on how to avoid story ownership and change. Good and bad news. Some Paradoxes and Antipodes in story construction.  There will be extensive discussion on how to further your story.

Last but not least, you learn the power of Forgiveness. We are born for giving love and for receiving love, but when we have negative energy, when we have emotional imbalances, when we have pain or wounds or limiting beliefs, we can’t give love, and we therefore don’t receive the love that we desire or deserve. Until you forgive, your pain, your hurt, your wounds will continue to bleed all over your life.  Using EFT you start by forgiving yourself to let go of everything is holding you back and open a way to a bright future.

Module 19: “HEALING JOURNEY – Beyond Today: Freedom, Inner Peace, New Life”  (Guided Meditation)

(sessions 2)

This is a guided meditation for healing intense life experiences on a Spiritual, Psychical, or Physical level.  It will help and support you through times of change. It will give you the emotional guidance you need.

“Journey to a New Wellness Story” begins within 2020.

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